Chanel Summer 2010 - Valentine Bags

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  1. All you need to know is on 2 last pictures

    A girl called LittleTsarina:queen:

    Attached Files:

  2. Thanks for posting! I am in a dilemma now... What colour should I get?
  3. Thank you WinteRose!!! Love the blue, it looks so cute!
  4. Thank yoiu very much for your contribution, LittleTsarina :queen:

    Looking forward to seeing these IRL. :nuts:
  5. Thank you WR/LTz, so cute :heart::buttercup:
  6. Thank you for sharing, will at least buy 2 of them, really don't know which color to pick !!!
  7. Do you know when the V bags will be available in the stores ?
  8. do u know what size it comes in? and is this red a real red or pinky red like the fushia?
  9. when is this coming out btw?
  10. Im getting excited again! sigh! but then, I bought a coral pink this year and I wasn't able to use it..... eventually, sold it at a lower price...... decisions should be good this time....
  11. thanks for posting the info! just curious, are the charms detachable?
  12. Ohh I want one!!
  13. Thanks for posting this WinteRose. Do you know whether these will be exclusive to the boutiques, or whether they'll be available in department stores as well?

    Can't wait to see better pictures of the colours.
  14. oh la la, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see these in person!
  15. Thank you for the scoop! Can't wait to see them. :biggrin: