Chanel suit recommendations and opinions

  1. I'm thinking skirt and I'm thinking vintage. So I'm looking at eBay a lot lately. Would anyone have any tips on sizing, which years/collections are better, fabrics, etc. Also, any resale online shops? This is an entirely new territory for me.

    I bought a vintage Hermes skirt suit and had it altered to fit. Yes, it makes me look like the lady of the manor but it's sort of ironic but kitschy and fun on me. It was an expensive and time consuming alteration project but well worth it. So, I am willing to devote the resources necessary to get the perfect fit.

    Normally I wear Vivienne Westwood, Shin Choi, Nanette Lepore and a few high street brands like Zara. I usually get these altered to fit, too. (Europeans have no booty whatsoever so whatever fits me in the hips gapes in the waist. I also have a very broad back measurement but not much of a bust. I swear I missed my calling as a drag queen sometimes.) I'm also a larger size in terms of vintage in that I wear about an American 8/10 French 40/42 UK 10/12.

    Also, remember I'm in Ireland, which is often wet and chilly.

    Many thanks in advance for any opinions and assistance.

  2. This online shop has wonderful Chanel options...from many seasons and styles. Another option is The Snob (in FLorida; don't know page off top of my head).
    I am thinking tweeds, pencil skirt, A2006 had some wonderful colored tweeds, in fall-like colors (olive, pumpkin, gold). As for sizing, I wear same and find that more recent years 2002+ are more true to size, with vintage pieces being cut smaller and therefore needing to take larger size. I have fantasy tweed suit and the jacket and skirt are both 42, but the skirt is a bit smaller and it is from P1998.
    Good luck!
  3. Thank you very much for that. I am off to go take a look now.
  4. Aahah. You're so funny.

    I tried on some Chanel suits from the more recent collections, and all I can say is the fit was very strange to me. Note that I'm a curvier girl with a small bone structure, so I'm pretty much the exact opposite of you. You might find Chanel just made for you! They are extremely tight in the arm area and not fitted enough around the waist and general torso for me, but I have a very small upper body. The skirts were really tight around my ass (which is sizable, but not really a booty per se.) I was kind of dissappointed by my experience afterwards (had such high hopes!)... but think about it this way... it was what Coco Chanel wore... and really made to fit her body type (boney, booty-less.)

    I had to go up some sizes from the American size... but don't know if the SA was simply referring to French sizing or what.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. I also wish I shopped for couture on a regular basis. :p

    Congratulations on deciding to make such a classic purchase! Let us know what you end up with!
  5. Remember there is usually plenty in the seam allowance -- my SA tells me a 40 can go up 2 sizes. A great rule of thumb is you can always make something smaller, but if there is not enough in the seam allotment, going larger is not going to happen.

    As for years, '04 and '05 had some very nice suits, jackets -- those really come foremost to mind. The year I recall that truly missed the mark (sucked in the vernacular) was '01 and 00. Generally, 01 didn't sell well.

    I love the fringe jackets, fantasy tweeds. Keep in mind also the style of the cut. You want classic styling versus something trendy, a style that looks good on your body shape.
  6. Thank you so much. This is of great assistance to me.