Chanel Suing The RealReal over Fakes

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  2. No surprize; I look everywhere to learn and try to get better. I see things that i do not agree with. The site is a newbie in my eyes! They do get in nice Bags at times. The Pictures are not large enough and very few..
  3. Never bought from them for this reason
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  4. I just received a Mulberry Bayswater from them and I think it is a fake.. When I was looking for a preloved Bayswater, I watched the ChicProfessor's authenticating video and now I just watched it again while inspecting my bag. And lo and behold, my bag has the glue behind the pouch, weird Made in Turkey label in wrong font, no lock fob, etc.. Did they sell me a fake? I've made an authentication request here and also sent them an e-mail about my doubts. I'll take this up with American Express next if I get proof.
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  5. I've bought several bags from them and they have all been authentic. So I don't know. I'm sure a few inauthentic bags slip through here and have to be careful on any pre-loved or consignment website.
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  6. It's been proven that when they are informed they have sold a fake, they accept the return and then put the fake right back up for sale.

    there is already another thread about this.
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  7. I hate to say it but they do sell fakes. I recently lost my favorite Chanel sunglasses that I wore (almost everyday) for years. Chanel no longer made them and my DH felt bad for me and found a pair on The RealReal. He tried to surprise me and purchased them but I immediately knew they were fake when I opened the box. The fit was wrong, it was slightly bent and not symmetrical, and an attachment on it was loose when the real ones had it tightly secured. If I never owned a pair of this exact style or if I did not wear my previous pair everyday, I would have never known. It was a stressful experience given the fact that the seller was extremely defensive and condescending when we were returning them. Thankfully The RealReal took it back and reimbursed us but it was an unfortunate experience to go through. I do envy those that get great items for good deals on reseller websites, but it makes it hard for me to purchase resale items after that situation.

    A different YouTuber mentioned that Chanel probably doesn’t want to be associated as a brand with low quality if someone purchased a fake from a reseller’s website, which I understand. However, the people hurting from it are the ones trying to honestly buy and sell luxury items. So I see both sides.
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  8. Thanks so much for mentioning my video (I'm chicprofessor but made this account before the branding name :smile: ) While I do think the fakes are definitely an issue, we were mostly pointing out the effect it could have on the secondhand market. And I am happy I was able to help with the bayswater!
  9. Sure, I enjoyed your video! I don’t know enough about the issue but if the RR is indeed knowingly selling fakes, then that’s a real problem. I think if Chanel went after many different authentic resellers I would be more least they have a leg to stand on if this is indeed true.
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  10. I don't work for them so I don't know for sure but my guess is that they are not knowingly selling them and that some of the authenticators probably made an honest mistake. If they are knowingly selling them than I agree- it would be a different story. When Chanel sued what goes around comes around they stated that they were selling fakes and one of the allegedly fake bags was actually real, so I imagine TRR was just the next target and there will be more to come.
  11. This could be true the first time, but after they accept a return of a fake and put it back up for sale, they can't claim it was an honest mistake.
  12. That's true! I had never really heard of that happening until your post but it is possible. Do you have an article or something that you read which discusses it? I'd love to read up on it.
  13. There is another thread on here about the realreal. We've authenticated Coach items that were purchased from the realreal. When we said they were fake, the buyer asked them to take the return for being fake. Then later we saw the same item listed for sale. It was talked about in the Coach AT thread at the time.
  14. I sent my Mulberry Bayswater back to RR and stated that I wasn't comfortable with the item as I had doubts regarding its authenticity. I actually had a Mulberry SA take a look at it and while they are not allowed to give anything official, she too felt that there were too many red flags. I'm happy that The Real Real agreed to take the purse back and refund me for the shipment costs too - though I did end up losing money as it was ca 50 USD to send it back with a traceable code - so I guess that was the payment due for my own learning on whom to trust.. Having experienced this I am happy to say I just bought a brand new Mulberry Bayswater from Mulberry and am very happy with it. And having investigated my new Bays thorugh and through, am even more suspicious of the RR bag. I am sure it will be for sale again once it arrives at RR, though :sad:
  15. I’m so glad that I didn’t make my appointment with TRR, I almost dropped off several bags. Litigation is going to cost them a lot, and they have at least one fancy building, a showroom and tons of employees to pay for.

    Between this and what’s going on with Designer Vault’s bankruptcy, I just plain don’t trust resellers anymore. It seemed like a better option than eBay, since I’ve had buyers cut up my Chanel bags to force a return. I thought companies like TRR would be a great option, since they do their own authenticating and generally don’t except returns. But now, sigh...
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