Chanel Suggestions

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  1. I want buy my 1st Chanel bag before the price increase on Feb 1st...

    I have a lot of balenciagas and louis. My B-bags are black, baby blue, red and lilac.

    I am considering the Grand Shopping Tote in black...which would be most classic.

    I recently saw the white and navy classic flap in patent and love those too.

    If you could only get 1 which would it be?
  2. I'm a tote gal, I'd go w/ the GST any day:yes:
    Also, as of now, that's the most Chanel handbag for the $$
  3. I agree with Swanky...get the GST. But you may want to consider getting it before Feb 1 price increase. It is $1650 now and will be $1995 I believe.
  4. I second both these recommendations! I think black is the most versatile also
  5. But I love the white and navy patent classic flap,it's classic and kind of edgy at the same time.