Chanel Suede

  1. I'm seriously considering purchasing a suede chanel purse - but was worried about the care and whether or not it took any special care - if I wouldn't be able to use it often - that type of things. Can anyone help me out and let me know their personal experience with Chanel suede purses?
  2. Hi! I own several suede CHANELS, and love them! They are sooo luxurious, and smell really good! ( I have not had problems with caring for them, in fact on the back of my purple vintage bag, there was a small spot, which I gently and easily removed with a nail file.
    That tip was learned here somewhere, maybe one of the other ladies could give you the link.

    And, like any bag, when my suede babies get dirty, I take them to the furrier to be cleaned. They do a beautiful job, at about 1/10th the price CHANEL charges.

    Have fun with your bag! Life is short!
    ;) Mollers
  3. Thanks for the reply back - I've been so on the fence with this - I finally talked DH into leaning more toward a yes answer on another Chanel - but didn't want to purchase something and regret it later - especially if I end up never using it or the care is just a pain -
  4. hi, i've recently puchased a chanel suede jumbo from eBay and i know it's kinda 'dirty'. i've called my local chanel store (which btw isn't on the same state) and they don't do cleaning :sad: i'm in australia. how else can i get it cleaned? any one knows any cleanind products or a cleaner in Perth, Australia?