CHANEL Suede 60% Off

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just marked down the entire suede mademoiselle collection. The mark down is 60% of the original retail price. The large satchel is on sale for $1140, the medium satchel is on sale for $740, and the clutch is on sale for $330. Beautiful bags and great for this upcoming fall.
    Sale1.JPG Sale2.JPG Sale3.JPG Sale4.JPG Sale5.JPG
  2. The first photo did not turn out well, it is actually the same color as the fourth photo.
  3. Hi Chanelboy, what are the measurements for that first bag please? and is there a pocket in the back? thanks!
  4. The first piece is 13 inches long by 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide. The front is a enclosed flap pocket and there is also an open pocket on the back.
  5. Thank you, thank you CHANELboy!!! I am now the proud owner of a grey medium satchel!! You are the best, and nice to talk to too.:woohoo:
  6. You are very welcome.
  7. Just so everyone knows, only the first two photos are still available.
  8. The handbag in the third photo is still available in light gray for $740.
  9. amazing buys :biggrin:
  10. CHANELboy,

    Do you know whether Nordstrom still have the 2.55 reissue 227, I want to own this bag so much!
  11. The first bag is the color of the fourth picture? What color is the hardware? What is the price? (I am easily confused, sorry!)
  12. jbcesq- sorry to tell you the only bag left is the 3rd one in grey!

    chanelboy- hey lucas! does any of the Nordstrom boutique still have the 2nd bag? grey preferably. could you do a check for me pleaseeeee? thanks a lot! :smile:
  13. i just called, everything is gone!
  14. Sorry I missed out on that lovely clutch. I would've liked that.
  15. oh boo, those were such great prices too!