Chanel Sublimage?

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  1. I got this as a free gift w/beauty purchase from Neimans the other day. Haven't tried it yet. Has anyone else? I checked on this had glowing recommendations.
  2. It's FANTASTIC!!!!
    My skin is in great condition my SA tells me and I used up all my samples and noticed a difference. My skin glowed and had a much nicer texture, more even.
    I had enough samples to last me about a month. . . I'll definitely be buying this soon:yes:
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  3. Isn't that the stuff that costs as much as a nice handbag??????leaves Strivectin in the dust?
  4. Thanks Swanky, that's awesome! I'm so excited to try it now. :P Do you use it as a night cream or during the day? Not sure how to alter my routine.. I read that it's something like an all-in-one so it eliminates the need for additional items.
    PS. hope you had a great birthday!

    Suzy, yes, I think it's like $350 for a full size tub. I'd much rather have great skin than a new handbag if it came down to it~LOL!
  5. I bought Chanel Sublimage Essential Regenerating Cream a few months back but didn't have a chance to use it because I was talked into lightening my melasma first by a friend. She went to a dermatologist & promptly got some Retin A & hydroquinone. I got some supplies from her & was getting good results as regards my melasma. For some unknown reason, I woke up with a lobster face on Monday! Every cream I had in my cabinet burnt my face. So I finally decided to open my new box of Sublimage & bingo! It didn't burn my face! Now I am still using the Sublimage & for once in my life, I believe that expensive skincare is sometimes worth the money I pay for it.
  6. I asked the Chanel SA about this recently, and she said it was for "mature skin" and recommended another line for someone my age (mid 20's) I can't remember what other line that was, but I did write it down somewhere (although I have no idea where right now) Was she right? I've heard so many great things about Sublimage, I wanted to try it.
  7. Was it Beaute Initiale? or Precision?
    Beaute Initiale is really great :biggrin:
  8. I´m in my mid 20s and I used Sublimage and Sublimage eyes during the winter because it has a thicker texture and prevents my skin from being all flaky. It worked well but nothing like what the other members said.
  9. I'm 33 yrs old and don't have any wrinkles yet, not even small crow's feet. . . I love the stuff.
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    My bf gave me this for Christmas. I didn't realize it cost so much because he didn't mention it! But I love it, it smells great and it goes on like silk and feels great on my skin. I don't know if I'm seeing any results yet because I haven't been using it for that long but it does hydrate the skin very well and is very thick! I have a sample of the eye cream so I'm going to be trying that one next!
  11. Yikes! I just spent about that much on a new pair of Burberry flats, LOL!!

    Kudos to those who love it...I'll stick with my Arbonne eye cream meanwhile. Is the Chanel cream scented/unscented?
  12. no, it has a fragrance. My skin is sensitive and it didn't bother me at all.
    It's YUMMY!
  13. The Sublimage eye cream is expensive, but not as much as the regular face cream. I like the eye cream.
  14. what is it's strength? Moisture?
  15. I received a sample of the Essential Regenerating Cream yesterday and I LOVE it. It really makes my skin glow. But oy, the retail price of a full size is really expensive :faint: