Chanel style too old for 25 year old?!

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  1. Hey everyone. I just got this bag and after asking opinions of my sister and mother, they say that this Chanel bag is too "old" looking for me!! What do you all think?

    Also, does anyone know the name of this bag? Is it vintage? I got it from yoogi's closet.


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  2. i think the bag is OK.. everyone is wearing vintage these days
    but you have to match the outfit also..
    would look beautiful with a vintage outfit or oversized flowing top with leggings etc
    definitely doesnt go with tracksuit. no offense whatsoever
    even looks a bit like a bag for uni or study.
  3. lol yeah excuse the outfit i have on now. This was just to get an idea of what it looked like on.
  4. I definitly think you can were it. Doesn't have to be a vintage outfit, but perhaps something with no neon on it :smile: Take the sweater of and just use a blouse or shirt and take some new photos. You'll see the difference.
  5. yeah thats what i think, outfit makes a huge difference
    u will prob love it with the right outfit
  6. ITA with the others about the outfit. Plus, Chanel is not too old for anyone!! I'm 22 and I love Chanel, wish I could afford more :P
  7. You are never too young or too old to be stylish. :flowers: enjoy wearing your beautiful bag !
  8. There is no age limit, it's just a matter on whether the person can carry the style well. Enjoy the vintage beauty.

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  11. I don't think the style is too old- chanel is ageless. I rock most of my chanel's with track suits... I am always in gym clothes:P I know it is not preferred style, but just works out that way lol
  12. My daughter is your age and has chanel bags and wears with every and anything. I think chanel actually looks cool with casual clothes including what you were wearing in the picture...looks great IMO. Enjoy your bag!
  13. I think it looks great on you. Chanel has no age limitations . . . if you love it wear it!
  14. I am also 25, i dont think anything that Chanel makes is "too old". Chanel is timeless and classic, that bag is fab! rock it!
  15. ITA, It's all about the outfit... Vintage is in, you just have to rock it appropriately!