Chanel style numbers: post yours here!

  1. Ok since we've been talking about it, I'll start. Swanky, I'll leave it up to you if you want to place this thread in another sub-forum or extract the info to put in our reference library. Thanks!!! :smile:

    Since I only have ONE Chanel right now sob, here's mine:

    Black reissue in size 226 (medium) with gold hw:
    Style/model and size no: A30226Y04634
    Colour ref: 94305 Noir
    Price: S$4220 (purchased at Chanel Singapore)
    Leather: Distressed calfskin
  2. Adding to my previous post:

    Date of purchase: July 2007

    Gals, anyone else wanna add??
  3. Bumping this up... Anybodyyy???
  4. Red Lambskin Classic Flap with the new /bijoux chain(light silver chain)
    Year/Style and leather codes: 07P A 35190 Y 01480
    Colour ref: 81643 Red
    Price : Euros 1600 ($ 2150 approx)
    DOP : April 2007 ( Chanel b Vienna,Austria)
  5. black caviar clutch/ SAC POCHETTE
    Style code: A32342Y01588
    color: 94305 noir(45)
    sku# on box and tag: 3 572619 298026 (for some reason i was looking for a bag my friend had they wanted the numbers that started after the 3...easier lookup maybe)
    price:$995. usd
    date purchased: 8/30/07
  6. Thanks gals!! Anybody else?
  7. I don't have style n. from my other bags !Anybody to add their own ladies ???That will be very useful for future reference:yes:!
  8. Medium/large classic flap in black caviar leather, silver hardware, CC lock and classic chain
    Product code: A01112Y01588
    Colour code: 94305 (Noir 45)

    1470e, September 2007, Germany