CHANEL STUDS? Are they still available?

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  1. <p>Hello ladies! ...I'm wondering about the Chancel studs. The small CC ones in silver</p>
    <p>My BFF and I were eating sushi yesterday (shes in the process of finishing off her masters in psych.) so I took her out for sushi to de-stress her. She commented that she's always wanted them after our waitress came to our table and she was wearing them... (I'm leaning on the fact that server's were fake since I've seen them everywhere). I could of sworn that Chanel did indeed have earrings like that a few years ago. Do they still have these and what is the cost? (Thinking this would make a great graduation/Christmas present?). I live in Toronto (Canada) but I'm going on vacation in a week and half with my boyfriend to Scottsdale (Arizona) and Las Vegas... you guys have better taxes then we do (and better prices) so I was hoping I could pick them up down there? I know in Vegas there are quite a few Chanel boutiques so I would think it would be a good place to hunt for them.</p>
    <p>...any info you have would be appreciated.</p>
  2. Did they have rhinestones? Were they small or about 2cm big?
  3. yes... they did have rhinestones... they looked somewhat tarnished leading to me believe they were faux....

    just wondering if the real deal is still available
  4. I'm from toronto too!!

    careful bringing expensive things over the border, my mom and I shop in new york all the time and when we show them reciepts we end up paying WAAAY too much to border patrol :sad:
  5. The small rhinestone one are discontinued because they had various issues. 4 months ago I took mine in for repair because the "CHANEL" plate fell off the back of one of the ear ring and after going to the shop they gave me a store credit because of it being defective. The ones that replaced these small ones are so much bigger and they looked overwhelming for my personal taste. So that's why I took the credit.

    But maybe you might think differently for your friend! Good luck!
  6. Chanel earrings do tarnish over time if you don't take care of it, i.e. shampoo hair with the earrings on, sleep with them etc.

    So it's difficult to say if the earrings were faux just based on the tarnishing of the earrings. Heck, even the hardware on their bags tarnishes.
  7. do they still make the cc studs without the rhinstones?? I would love to get a pair
  8. I'm going on the assumption that they were fake since Chanel has been faked to death. Completely possible they were real though.

    Thanks for the info!!!
  9. ^^hmm? how do these look? anyone have pics?
    Are they still around $400 USD? (don't want to spend more then that on a grad gift)
  10. LOL OHH I always get stopped at the airport!

    I'm going for 2 weeks though... 5 days in to Scottsdale Arizona, 5 days in Vegas and then onto San Fran cause the bf has a conference. So hopefully since we're gone for awhile they wont harrass me this time... I always get stopped on short trips (returning from NYC especially!!!):graucho: