chanel stud earrings Q

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  1. I purchased a pair of plain silvertone chanel CC earrings from the Nordstrom Chanel boutique and i had a Q. I noticed on ebay that the rhinestone CC earrings have like, an oval shaped something on the backs of the earrings, perhaps its a stamp of some sort? but mine have nothing.

    do all chanel earrings have that little oval plate behind them w/a stamp or are some just plain with nothing?

    (here are some pics from ebay so you can see)

    the non-rhinestone ones are the ones i got. the pic of the rhinestones show the oval plate.

    earrings.jpg back.jpg
  2. From what I heard, all of Chanel jewelry had that oval plate in the back. All of mine do.
  3. yeah, all my pieces have the oval plate in the back aswell.
  4. Take them back and ask the store itself?
  5. ^definately take them back, see if you can compare them to other earrings they have there.
  6. that dosen't sound good at all satine;..
  7. :sad: ok, i'll go today and see what the deal is.

    and..what is this world comming to when you can't even feel safe buying designer from a real store!?? :cursing:
  8. ^^^^^

    Someone may have pulled a bait and switch. I really hope not.
  9. k, i'm gonna go there right now. I'll let you know in a little bit what the deal is.
  10. It's 100% authentic and don't worry about this pair of earrings as it's so small and oval tag wouldn't be fitted with this earrings. I have see some of Chanel earrings has no tag at the back. I'm rather update with every Chanel costume jewellry collection. Don't worry about it :idea: or if you care, take it back and exchange for other style. I have 100% confirmed that this style of earrings have no any tags attached on no matter what they are in silver or gold.

    1994 Enamel CC earrings with pastel color (Pink, Blue, White) also have no tag attached at the back.
    Hope my answer may help.
  11. believe it or not, not all chanel jewlery have the oval stamp. i have several brand new 2007 jewelry items that do not have it.

    i also have several older pieces that do not. it's maddening. all of these pieces were purchased at the chanel store.

  12. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::idea:
  13. :smile: i just got back from the chanel boutique. All the small earrings have no oval stamp. They are too small to have one. (I checked the other ones too, so i'm sure this is true)

    phew. i was worried there for a second, but now i feel good again! :biggrin:

    Thanks for all the help girls!
  14. Dont stress. Just take them back. I know that sometimes that part can fall off. Maybe that is it?