Chanel stores...

  1. Hey all!

    does anyone know how many Chanel stores there are worldwide? Or where I can get this type of information? The Chanel site doesn't seem to tell me...:sad:
    Just some info I need for a project.

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. Oh sorry. No idea. You're going to have to call Chanel.

    Also keep in mind that there are other boutiques inside other stores like Neimans or Saks.
  3. check in out...
  4. I would call one of the large stores (NYC maybe) and asking for a contact number in Chanel public relations, I'm sure they could give you that info.
  5. i was actually trying to local some Chanel stores in Asia, and was able to find it under
  6. hmm is this really a school project or are you finally coming over to Chanel? :graucho:

    I am no help either, in my catalogue it only says the free standing chanel boutique in the US and then mentions cities world wide where boutiques are..and yes, chanel boutiques are in nm, Saks, bg, etc..