Chanel stores or other attractions in Berlin, Prague or Copenhagen?

  1. Ladies, I am leaving for Europe in mid-March and just had a thought - maybe I should check out the Chanel stores there for the baby Cabas (and any other bags that are impossible to locate in the U.S.). Now while I know Paris and London have great shopping, I have no idea how the shopping is in Germany or Denmark or the Czech Republic. Anyone who has been there or lives there and can make any recommendations? Also, if you can recommend other places to go in any of these countries that would be terrific as I am going all alone (yes, I am braving it and going by myself).
  2. Copenhagen has a Chanel on Stroget that's 2 floors. 1st floor is accessories and 2nd floor is clothing. Stroget is fantastic, everything is right on that street. The Cophenhagen airport is great too, but there is no dedicated Chanel boutique there like in Heathrow.
  3. hi! I visted Berlin and Copenhagen two summers ago. I didn't get to do much shopping as I was there with my family,but both countries are gorgeous. I especially love Denmark...they have wonderful tourist attractions there...there is a famous castle that holds Shakespeare performances (i don't know which time of year though) i'm sorry i can't say much about the shopping, but I know most of what you can find there, you can also find in the US at similar/comparable prices