Chanel Stores in South Florida?

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I'm leaving Tampa to head down to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/Coconut Grove next week for a seminar and want to hit as many boutiques as I can!

    I know the Bal Harbour shops have Chanel but where are the best and/or largest Chanel boutiques in the South Florida area? I can hit anything south from Ft. Lauderdale.

    I only have two days (and have to attend a seminar) so which places would be my best bet to check out? Anything good in Boca?

    Please let me know of Chanel boutiques, or any stores that carry Chanel such as NM's, Saks, etc.

    Thanks so much for any info you can provide!!!:heart:
  2. There is a Chanel Boutique in Bal Harbour. Its off of US. I don't remember if they have a boutique in the Saks or neiman stores...
  3. Bal Harbour is the only Chanel stand alone boutique south of Ft. Lauderdale. It is large and super nice. There are small Chanel boutiques in NM and Saks throughout the Miami area. Other Chanel stand alone boutiques are North of Ft. Lauderdale located in West Palm Bch. and Boca.

    I would recommend Bal Harbour. It is such a great shopping center!!
  4. I adore Bal Harbour.Jillybean,Purseonality and I had a blast shopping there!!!
  5. Thanks Ladies!