Chanel stores in coastline south of Spain?

  1. I'm leaving for Spain in a week and I would love to go and check a Chanel store over there. Only I can't seem to find any through chanel's store locator. So I'm asking you girls for some help!
    Does anyone know where they sell chanel (bags) in the south spanish coast (I'm starting at Marbella, Malaga and later go more north in the direction of Murcia). Any tips are highly appreciated!!:yes:
  2. It seems like the only Chanel boutiques in Spain are in Madrid and Barcelona.....
    Have fun on your trip!
  3. Roxana I plan this trip too later in summer and I was wondering the same thing!there is a possibility that there might be one in the tax free malls in Giblartar if you go that south; try to check at the Chanel site but you have to enlist the name of the city first lol!I have friends from Andalusia here but they aren't sure though!Have fun!
  4. Thanks! I was also planning on going to Gibraltar 1 day so I will surely look for it!

    Farah: thanks, I'm leaving this thursday and I can't wait, finally some continues sunshine (aren't you also fed up with the cloudiness and thunderstorms here all the time?!:sad:)

  5. Actually I'm more of a this weather is okay for me.:p.I hate it when summers are really hot...I can't sleep if it's that hot.:push:. But I understand what you can't do fun things if it rains...
    Have fun on your trip!!