Chanel store robbed in Paris

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  1. Ladies,
    Chanel on av Montaigne has been robbed this morning. Currently in Paris and it's all over the news.
    4 armed guys came in a car and broke into the store, stealing 400,000€ worth of handbags before setting their car on fire right in front of the boutique.
    This is awful, they're still at large...
    Please be carreful with your next ebay or any consignment purchases, they may try to sell it online.
  2. Omg!! This is so scary, really hopes no one get hurts.....
  3. Wow. How awful.
  4. Oh no! That's really scary!
  5. What a horrible news!! So sad! really hope police find those evil guys!!! :sad:
    Oh I am very upset and shocked by this! I remember the Montague ave store, when I visited with my daughter while my family vacation...such a nice boutique and i remember nice SA....oh how they must have been so shocked! I hope all SAs there were safe and ok!!
  6. insane.. women want chanel for looks and men want it for money :x

    everyone wants a chanel.

  7. Ok that was pretty funny ;)
    People are nuts!!! Why the heck did they set their car on fire in front of the store? To destroy evidence? Brother. Or to make some crazy statement?
    We are going to Paris in May and you better believe that I will be purchasing a little something just to support Chanel!!!
  8. that sucks! I hope everyone is ok
  9. They probably burned the car to destroy DNA evidence, and I also bet the car was stolen as well.

    Chanel really needs to boost their security.
  10. They actually rammed the doors with their car to force their way into the store. Then put the car on fire, they always do this in here. Probably to destroy fingerprints and evidences.

  11. Good grief. Those poor people in the store!
  12. Dayummmm. I pray the staffs are safe and ok. We live in a crazy world!!!! I cant even begin to imagine being in the store as a customer at the time of the incident. Arggh!

  13. Hello

    No customer was inside . The affair had been done this morning at 5.30 am (French hours ). 360 000 euro robbed.

    My country is a sad country since many years ..

  14. Thank goodness no one was inside!!! I'm so sorry. France needs a break!
  15. just read the story online... thanks for sharing.

    i do have a question - as i rarely shop for Chanel in the boutique, mostly online or by phone... are authenticity cards kept inside the bags at stores or do SA's go get that from the back when you make a purchase?
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