Chanel Store Quality Control Going South....(long story)

  1. I've just had the worst experience with Chanel. So I was getting a black metallic for an overseas tpfer as a favor thinking this will be an easy task. Ha! Not quite so much.

    I started by ordering it from the Virginia, Chanel. I asked Tyson's Corner to first get it for me, and told them we found it in NYC just place the send order. As I was trying to be loyal to an SA.

    Well SA doesn't call NY and has it sent from Dallas, TX. (Strike 1) Purse arrives, right box, wrong bag. They didn't even bother to check the box to make sure i was the right purse. (Strike 2)

    After a week of hunting. Dallas tries to order from Chicago, Tells me its coming. 4 days later i call back. Chicago forgot to send it. (Strike 3)

    So now the purse comes from SF. I get the purse from Sf....right purse, horrible condition (obvious display) and missing authenticty cars. (strike 4). Dallas has purse sent from Boston. Guaranteed Sat delivery.....Boston actually did send the right purse, but addressed the city and zip code wrong. Purse takes 3 exra days to get delivered (strike 5).

    Keep in mind these are all Chanel stores. Crazy. I can't believe they could screw up this many times.

    At least I did get the bag, and it will be on its way to the other tpfer. But still!!! :cursing:
  2. That great for you to help a fellow member :smile:
    Sorry it's been such a hassle for you.
  3. OMG shmoo, i'm so sorry it caused you so much trouble.... that's horrible that the SAs didn't even bother to check the bags...

    you are so sweet though to help other tPFers!!!
  4. I would be upset too! That's great of you to be so diligent over a bag that you're not even keeping. I guess it's just an obvious lack of communication between boutiques. Maybe when the boutique that's sending the bag doesn't get a commission, they don't care as much. Either way, it's unexcusable.
  5. Omigosh, what a headache! Especially since it is so kind of you to do this for a pfer, I'm so sorry you had to go through all this. Hopefully Chanel will be more careful w/ their customer service from now on!
  6. bless you, that pfer owes you one!
  7. omg you are too sweet to do this for another tpfer, terribly sorry about all the hassle though! what is UP with chanel these days?
  8. How frustrating! You are very sweet to help out a fellow tpfer. I am sure she appreciates all your efforts. We all know what it's like to "want" a bag you can't get.
  9. Shmoo 88 You are soo sweet to help another tpfer and how sweet you are to make sure its in A1 Conditon!
  10. That's very nice of you to help. Sounds like you were jumping thru hoops.
  11. Eww ... I'd expect more from a boutique. Just horrible ...
  12. Amazing that so many different boutiques could mess up one order.
  13. OMG! How horrible! I'd be so mad!! How dare them?!?!:cursing:
  14. that is so sweet of you! im sorry it was such a pain.
  15. wow that's sounds like a giant headache. how sweet of you to do this for another TPFer! :tpfrox: