Chanel Store in Vegas

  1. Got back from Vegas a few weeks ago, and just got the pics devl and just scanned them in. I did not see to much of anything worth buying there:crybaby::crybaby:which was a good thing, now I have money to buy RED JUMBO.
    here are some pics.
    can some one please watermark these photos for me. I can not get the download to work on my pc right now..
    pics at the chanel boutique and pics with paris hilton, she is carrying her silver reissue.. taken at the Palms restaurant at Caesars palace.
    well that did not work says my files are to big for purse forum
  2. ok lets try
  3. Which Chanel store did you go to? I am going to be there in a couple of weeks and I was planning on doing some damage....hope the selection is not all that bad!!
  4. I went to the actual Boutique shop in the Bellagio- thats where I stayed. Its all connected to the shops at the Caesars forum.. They have every boutique there I wisj I could get my pics to load
  5. I wish I could help but I don't have a photo editor at the office. Maybe someone else?
  6. Try uploading your pictures on and resizing them. That's what I do at work, thanks to a tip from another friendly PF'er!
  7. or it's really easy to use ! they give it the url link and code
  8. I was in Vegas this weekend and wasn't impressed with the selection at either Chanel store. I saw a couple wallets I liked, but the last thing I need is another wallet. I ended up buying some sunglasses and that was it! I can't wait to see your pictures though:smile:
  9. Can't wait to see the pics!!!