Chanel stopping refurbishing?

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  1. I'm so confused I have a red yen wallet from my mom, the zipper pull came off and the corners have worn down. I took it to chanel on Saturday to get fixed, they told me they stopped doing refurbishing. The most they could do is just replace the zipper. Is this true? Have they stopped fixing wallets? I asked them to still send it to France and was told they would charge $240 for a zipper but wouldn't fix the corners. Just wondered if anyone else has this issue?
  2. I heard that they aren't offering as many services because of the increasing number of complaints when something doesn't turn out the way that a customer is hoping because they then have to provide them some sort of credit or new bag.
  3. I would not be happy about that at all. That may prevent me from purchasing lighter color bags :nogood:
  4. Thank you for the update. So sad, my gf had hers fixed last year. They agreed to still send it to paris but if its just to fix the zipper for $240 I don't think its worth it.