Chanel Stock in Tyson's

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  1. I posted a thread about NM in Tyson and of course I had to stop by the Chanel Boutique!

    They basically had the same bags as NM. But they did have these really cute sneakers. They were wht/blk/lht blu. $495.00. They had some bright pink and orange flaps in a clear case. Some really cute Chanel Flats, BF bought be a sweet!

    I asked the SA about the price increase, she said they did NOT sell anything today from the Classic ligne! (Thats because all the PF's are smart and bought before the price increase)

    Oh and the J12's were so sparkly in the front of the store. I compared mine with the ones in the display and just as sparkly!

    Let me know if your looking for anything....well atleast not from the Classic Ligne.
  2. So that particular NM Chanel has already raised the prices?....or is it not till tomorrow (like some of the other NM's have been saying)?
  3. The Chanel Boutique in Tyson's told me that yesterday was the first day of the price increase.
  4. I'm looking for a pair of sneakers. Could you describe what they looked like? Thanks!
  5. They looked like basic sneakers, they overall color was white, black pipeing that outlined the shoe, so did the light blue color and a LARGE CC on the outside portion of the sneaker.. really cute!
  6. Oh yes, and the cut was similair to the reebok classic sneaker.
  7. Is there an SA you know that might send me a pic?
  8. Jonathan at the Chanel boutique in Tysons is a sweetie. I'm sure he would if you asked.
  9. Thank you!
  10. I am SO FRUSTRATED! I just called NM - Tysons and asked for a Jonathan. Nobody knew who he was. I then inquired about the sneakers and they said there are absolutely no white sneakers with the CC on the side. They only carry silver and gold ones with the CC on the front in the ladies shoe department. I called twice and both times everyone was RUDE and nobody had a clue of what I was talking about.
  11. Butting in...but I'm sure the Jonathan mentioned works at the Chanel boutique in Tysons - NOT in NM! Try calling there...
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You were definitely not butting in - you were extremely helpful. I just got off the telphone with Jonathan and he was amazing!!! Thank you again!
  13. Hey washlz do you mind posting the pictures that Jonathan sends you?? Ive been looking for chanel sneakers too and these sounds TDF!!!! THANKS!:P
  14. Jonathan is my SA as well. He is too too cool.
    Just gorgeous.. Yeah post the pics of the tennis shoes if he sends them to you..
  15. I was in the Tyson's Chanel store Sunday, Nov. 4, and was helped by the nicest older lady. I was comparing Medallion totes and GST's. They had the black GST with silver hw, of course at the new higher price. But she was a dear. NM didn't have the silver hw GST.