Chanel stock in Saks New Orleans today.

  1. I just got back from the Saks in New Orleans. They had some interesting stock, here's what I remember:
    Coral/orange-ish modern chain east/west style
    Navy 227 patent reissue/gold hardware
    Outdoor navy hobo
    Pink medallion
    Diamond Stitch black flap
    Cambon white CC on black pouchette
    various classic flaps, including a pretty coral one.
  2. thks for sharing
  3. What's the pink Medallion?
  4. Kittenslingerie, do you have a SA there and a contact number? TIA :heart:
  5. Their # is (504)524-2200, no specific SA is great there.
  6. It's in the reference thread under the classics I believe. Its a cavier tote with a zipper medallion pull tab.
  7. thejadewoman, ask for Chang. She's very helpful and sweet. (the extension is 5353)

    Also, they just received some new stock last week. They have some perforated flaps in stock as well as the perforated aged calfskin zipped shopping bags (in yellow, navy, black and red) along with some new baby animals accessories, perforated card holders, perforated clutches, and some new belts and necklaces.

    Oh, I forgot to add that they have the Paris-Biarritz bags (the grand shopping & the more oblong one) in stock.

    And, Happy Mardi Gras!
  8. thanks for posting!
  9. thanks!
  10. Thanks :heart: . BTW did you see any diamond stitch totes or luxury bowlers there?
  11. :crybaby:wish i was closer
  12. jade, (I went to Saks today) I did see two small diamond stitch totes (one in black & one in white) and, I didn't see any bowlers (but, they did have two luxury flaps). And they just received aCotton Club Ligne Bowler.

    Oh, and they have a white classic jumbo flap. (it's really gorgeous!)
  13. Thanks for the heads up, hot diggity dog;)
  14. No problem!

    And, I just thought about this- there are three python bags and python clutch there as well. (They've been there for a while)