Chanel stitching...

  1. Tried a search but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

    If one of the stitches on a Chanel bag "pops", have you had experiences where all the stitches start unravelling and the bag falls apart? Or it takes awhile for that to happen (or if you use force)?

    Should I just snip the loose piece of thread and just leave it?
  2. I wouldn't mess with it. A popped stitch is bad news. I once had a Chloe bag where a stitch popped and I tried to tie it off and all the stitches started to uravel. The bag was brand new so I was able to exchange it.

    Stitches shouldn't pop, loosen, or unravel. I'd either return or exchange.
  3. Is it the pink medallion? I'd be a bit nervous to mess with it, maybe snap a pic and let us see what you mean.
  4. i would definitely take it into a store to see what they'd advise!! :s
  5. Okay I went ahead and messed with it anyway (typical me...mind you, this is coming from someone who used a permanent marker on LV Damier canvas and it worked super well! LOL) It turns out the stitch wasn't popped...just the top layer of the thread kinda frayed so the stitch is still there. So what I did was snip off the frayed part and used clear nail polish to dab the frayed end and covered the thin stitch Clear nail polish is my best friend, it repairs a ton of things for me.

    And yes it's the pink Medallion so there's no way I can do an exchange/return. BUT if there are problems in the future (ie the stitches unravelling) I'll take it in and pay for the repairs, I guess.

    This frayed stitch is on the inside, directly where the handle is sewn in. A repair is possible, is it? Anyone know approx how much it'll cost?
  6. Just in case there's another frayed stitch, use a "fraying glue." You can buy them at any fabric store.
  7. Yes, I believe Chanel will do the repair and it usually takes about 6-8 weeks to get your bag back. IIRC, it costs anywhere from $150-$200'ish???
  8. My cabas had a popped stitch when i bought it and i left it alone only to have the whole strap come apart...!Its all fixed now but i would take heed when you see those little pesky threads....!!
  9. i had my alterations shop reinforce the gold thread in the CC on my denim tote...there was a little fraying in one spot. am so glad to read there's such a thing as a fraying glue......
  10. nice home remedie.....sounds like it worked...
    love the clear polish idea
  11. Clear nail polish is amazing. When I wore nylons to work I always tried to remember to keep a bottle in my purse :tup:
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    What a great idea.....must remember this....:heart:H

    quote=wantmore;4808954]Just in case there's another frayed stitch, use a "fraying glue." You can buy them at any fabric store.[/quote]
  13. Is this a recent bag? A fellow fren told me that these days, bags are machine -made and the craftsman will inspect them to do reinforcements if necessary. (So sometimes, you see double stiching) I guess that's where the older bags are more durable as they are hand-made?
  14. THe serial number begins with a that's from...2004? So it's not that recent.