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  1. Hello :smile:

    I like the Chanel Statement Flap on the pictures and thinking about to buy one.
    I only have bags in caviar leather - how durable is calfskin?
    Is the quality of the statement flap good?
    Thank you so much :heart:
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  2. I’m interested to know too! First time I’ve heard of the statement flap bag, but this one in stores now just bowled me over.

    I read one comment that the leather is thin, bag creases easily and the quality isn’t worth the price, wondering if more people have the same experience or maybe that’s just a one-off?

    I’m fighting the temptation to get this one!! (Not my photo)
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    I saw one today in khaki and it was beautiful and the leather was soft and buttery. One thing I did notice though, was that the chains seemed skinnier/thinner than regular classic M/L and mini flap chains. Hope that helps.
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  5. I’d love to know this as well! I’m trying self control to not buy this one yet because it isn’t caviar, any thought on anyone that saw it in person and durability?
  6. I bought one last year and love it! It's slightly bigger than mini and can fit more. The leather is really soft and you'll see it wrinkling when you open the flap but goes back to normal after. I'm petite so the length is perfect for me as well. I'd say the red for this season is really gorgeous and I'd have gotten it if I didn't have my blue one! uri_mh1527304092481.jpg mmexport1527920923208.jpg
  7. Stunning!! Love the blue on you, you wear it so well. Now I’m really tempted! And you haven’t faced any wear & tear issues with the bag compared to a classic flap?
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  8. Not really but then I really baby my bags! Hahaha initially I was a little hummed when I saw the creases as I open the bag but it happens to my lambskin mini too. I just make sure to stuff it properly before keeping it away.

    Here are some pics for comparison to the rectangle and square mini. You can actually see the creases on the side but I got over it since it was like these when I got it (I got to choose from 3 before I decide on this one). I honestly think that the price is much worth and better compared to mini! IMG_20171125_132739.jpg IMG_20171125_132809.jpg
  9. Gorgeous bag! You wear the blue well! I think this year it comes in two sizes, and yes the price is amazing! I’m just nervous about the wear and tear hoping I get to see it in person!
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  10. I didn’t realise that Chanel did this style again this year, this may be a problem for me as I really want one and missed out last year.

    Your blue baby is so gorgeous @jourai :heart:
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  11. Do you know if your blue statement is the small or larger size? I’ve just looked on Chanel’s app and there are two sizes [emoji7] I’m totally in Love!
  12. Can anyone post the picture of the khaki one? Waiting Chanel to release the statement bag in nude beige ..:heart:
  13. I believe it's the small size. I just measured it and it's 8" by 5" [emoji5]
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  14. Thank you joirai, I’m so tempted by the small size
  15. Gorgeous bag, I love it in red.

    This is beautiful on you! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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