CHANEL starter????

  1. Have decided to collect Chanel bags....I just need your advice on certain thins...hope you can help...

    1) I can't decide between the medium flap and the jumbo flap?
    2) I do not know where I can find one in mustard color and in red? (added fact I am based in the Philippines)
    3) Scared to by pre-oved bags 'coz they might be fake or something coz I'm a store shopper??

  2. i love the jumbos! it's going to be tough finding a red one though. Its a pretty hot item. Good luck!

  3. I know right?? really don't know how and when my love for Chanel started....I have been obssessing already coz I can't get my hands on any.... :smile:
  4. i'd get a jumbo flap (i'm a big bag girl though) you can use it with jeans or with something more dressy :smile:
    reds are hard to find,i'm looking for a jumbo red flap my self ;)
    if you're based in the philippines your best bet is through a reseller or go to hk or singapore or have someone buy it for you.
  5. I always feel if you are torn between the jumbo and the medium/large, you should go Jumbo (if it suits your frame of course). Reds are very hard to find even when they are current they seem to come in limited amounts.
  6. Probably no taxes, then!