Chanel SS/06 Dark Brown Doctor's Bag Large

  1. Hey my fellow chanel LOVERS! Does anyone know the price of the SS/06 Large Dark Brown Doctor's bag?
    I am in loveee with it!!
  2. Wow, I don't know....but I love it!
  3. I have teh catalog from last season, it doesn't say the size but here's the exact info from that exact photo:

    Ref: A33046 Y04271
    Grained Calfskin Doctor Bag
  4. It is a beautiful bag!! I would have bought it but I have an older (2002) version of it. Love it!!!!! :yes:
  5. the large size is $1975 and the smaller one, i think, is $1795.

    i had the large size in black and LOVED it to death, and still love the look of that bag, but it was so heavy that my back and shoulders started hurting. even when i didn't put much in it. :sad:
    i gave it to my mom. evil woman sold it to her friend and kept the money. i gave it to mom as a gift, so it was hers to do what she wants with it, but i still think she's evil. hahaha. she took me out to eat at a barbecue buffet and called it "even". LOL. :p
  6. Thanks guys.. Its so great to have fellow lovers who know their stuff!