Chanel square mini, or treat myself to Cartier Love bracelet?

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  1. Mine is yellow gold. I hope you love and enjoy yours as much as I do.
  2. I am not sold on the Love bracelet. I think it is waaaaay overpriced for what it is, and everyone seems to have one. How about the ring and bag? I know the same argument can be made for Chanel....SO expensive! :noworry:
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  3. Wear it in good health, and enjoy!
  4. Congratulations on the LOVE bracelet, I absolutely love mine and have had it on for the past 11 years. It’s a timeless piece that will never go out of style.
  5. Love bracelet! Mini bags are super trendy right now, but may not be the case a couple of years from now. I just think the Cartier bangle has longer lasting power as an iconic luxury product you can own and pass down :smile:
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  6. I’ve been in love with the love bracelet since I saw it at age 16. 10 years later and I get to have one lol.
    I know they’re popular, but I’ve never seen one on someone in person besides at the Cartier boutique. I guess it depends on where you live.
    I also agree that’s it’s over priced, because I know it use to be less than half of that years ago. But again, same thing with Chanel. I bought my CF when it was $4k with tax.
    Now you’re paying over 6k with tax and the love bracelet is 6400 so same thing. Both I think will hold their value or even increase. I see love bracelets being sold on the pre-loved market for around 5k and they’re from 1993.

    At the end of the day, all the stuff we love on here is over priced for what it is. Leather VS gold, I guess I’d rather have over priced gold for the time being lol.

    And thank you :smile:
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  7. Thank you! Haven’t gotten it yet, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday!
    I’m happy that this will be a forever piece :smile:
  8. I love small bags right now, especially with summer around the corner. But I just went “shopping” in my closet and pulled out an LV pochette that still looks brand new but was bought a few years back. I think I’m going to put a crossbody strap on that and have fun for a while.
    I agree! I’d love to pass it down one day. Or at least wear it until I’m 80 :P
  9. Of course. There are many people who would think we are crazy for spending what we do on bags! You should buy what you love! I think my particular area must just be over-saturated with Love bracelets, lol!
  10. Definitely!
    Thank goodness we have a place to come to on here and not be judged lol
  11. Love bracelet
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  12. Love bracelet