Chanel square mini, or treat myself to Cartier Love bracelet?

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  1. I have a chunk of money to treat myself to a luxury purchase which was for Xmas and my birthday on the 15th.

    I’ve been going back and forth a lot because it’s been tough to pick only a couple things from my huge wishlist .
    My options are to purchase a Cartier JUC ring ($2000 range) and then a Chanel mini square flap in black caviar.
    Or my other option is to purchase a classic love bracelet which is over 6k.
    I can only pick one option, and I would be going to ban island for 2019 after.

    I know the jewelry forum would be a little biased, but wanted to hear some opinions on here.
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  2. I'd get the ring and the flap! That way you can cross two options off your list at once!
  3. The mini flap is just so cute!
    But worried that if I wait on the Love any longer, the price increases would me nuts.
    The love use to be under 3k yearssss ago.
  4. Okay, now this is a bigger dilemma than I thought! :panic:
  5. Love bracelet would be my choice. I love my Chanel bags but I never take my Love bracelet off. You are correct on the price increases, my Love bracelet was $2775! I bought mine in 2002 and wear it nonstop and it still looks great.
  6. Thank you? Which color do you have yours in?
    I decided on the pink gold Love. :smile:
  7. Definitely the love bracelet. I wear it 24/7 and make the most out of it! Haha.
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  8. I would go for the cartier love bracelet. Ive learnt to choose jewellery I can wear everyday over handbags.

    Keep us posted
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  9. It’s interesting to note all the posts above are coming from the Chanel forum :P. But anyhoo I’m all for the Mini caviar for sure :biggrin:. I love the mini caviars in all sorts of colors!
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  10. I had the same dilemma after Christmas so I went to Harrods and tried on both the Chanel classic flag in medium and the white gold love bracelet. I ended up choosing the love bracelet for the main reason it gets everyday use and not just on weekends. I agree with you too the price is going up and up. Now only a few weeks later I'm so happy with my decision that I think next I will purchase another love bracelet again in yellow gold to stack instead of the bag!!
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  11. Thanks! That’s what I picked :biggrin:
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  12. I decided on the Love! :smile:
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  13. I’m glad I didn’t have to pick between the classic flap and the bracelet!
    I love my m/l classic and I feel like the price is just going up for that one too. But it was my first Chanel purse so I’d feel differently now.

    I’m glad you picked your first Love! I love WG but it’s hard to pick between that and the pink gold. I’m definitely choosing the Love bracelet though! :smile:
  14. oh can i ask, regarding the m/l flap, can you wear it cross body? i have seen some people wear it cross body on instagram even though it comes quite high up...
  15. I can’t wear it cross body at all unfortunately. It sits way above my hip. But I’m 5’6” so a little on the taller side.