Chanel Spring Summer Act 1 2020 (20P)

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  1. I'm dying to know what is coming in Spring Summer Act 1 (20P). Does anyone have some information? What are the colors? When will they launch? January or February? Pretty please share...
  2. I’d like info too!
  3. Same!!!! I was told by my SA, February/March :smile:
  4. Last year, they launched 19P on January 8 in US. It sounds like pushed back this year.
  5. Spring Summed Act II (20S) is scheduled for a March release. But Spring Summer Act I (20P) should launch sometime in January. I’m excited to see the new collection too!
  6. I'm hoping coco handles are in this mix as per usual... trying to scoop one of those up!
  7. London sales start Jan 3, run two weeks and SS20 launches the next day (just heard today from LHR SA).
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  9. And general tone-on-tone hardware with classic flap styles (see the blue one). I'm not deep enough into my "classic chanel" collection to warrant investing in the seasonal stuff, but I get excited when coco handle makes a resurgence...
  10. I can’t wait to see if coco handles will be included in the 20P collection.
  11. Same!!! I am hoping for white with gold hw, hopefully aged gold. If you get any intel, please share!
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  12. I heard from my SA coco handle will be coming in Jan collection .
  13. I'm actually waiting for a light pink Trendy CC that I missed out last spring. Some people said that Coco handle and Trendy CC are alternating between the collections. Does it mean that Trendy CC will not be released in 20P?
  14. Ohhh that is a very good possibility.
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