Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Act I

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  1. Has anyone been able to see what's new for SS Act I ? Can not wait to discover it !
  2. Waiting impatiently
  3. I saw my SA’s list for spring act 1, I believe they are getting some minis but not many. They def are getting boy bags and flaps but I forgot what colors besides the general black. I know for spring act 2 though... there’s square and rectangle... in black, red, pink, royal blue
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  4. Thank you for this info! :flowers:
    Do you know if these will be in caviar or lambskin?
    Happy Holidays! :heart:
  5. @jtothelo red....! Hopefully a good red, it's about time.
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  6. Lambskin sadly, my SA believes that they are trying to make all minis lambskin as it’s more elegant and luxurious.. but I much prefer caviar!
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  7. When I saw the swatch, it “looked” red like a true red. But I don’t trust the swatches at all lol. Cause they sometimes turn out so diff. Compared to the actual pieces. The pink looked like a nice light pink too but who knows what it will actually look like lol
  8. :wtf::eek::drool::loveeyes: Wow wow wow wow wow, thank you SOOOOO much for thinking of me, you are just too sweet!!! :love::loveeyes::hugs: I really dont want to get my hopes up, but it would make my year if they made a true red!! But I really have to not get my hopes up, I get dissapointed every season :crybaby: when do the SAs normally get pictures of the colors? Just to know when I need to start checking TPF several times a day :lol:
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  9. yeah exactly, the swatch for the current red flap looked so perfect but it turned out to be orange :annoyed:
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  10. I can live with lambskin (but would really prefer caviar though), just as long as the red is perfect! (Which it never is :facepalm:)
  11. Do you also know what colors and leather the jumbos will be? :smile:
  12. IMG_8456.jpg

    I secretly took a picture LOL but these were the colors that I saw for the square mini.
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  13. Uhh this is exciting :tup: will the same colors be available for rectangular? (I seem to recall that sometimes they do not make the same colors in rectangular and square) do you know when your SA will have pictures of the actual bags? :biggrin:
  14. I think there’s more colors in rectangle than square! And the square is I believe will be antique gold hardware, forgot what rectangle mini will be for hardware. I did see a “swatch” of the medium flap in pink but I didn’t take a picture, the pink looked light pink (a nice shade of light pink - maybe rose? Not that salmon pink) so I’m really hoping it actually is rose or light pink lol. I don’t think she will get pics of actual bags till much later. I know in 2019, there’s a special very limited collection being released too so... so many things to look forward!
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  15. Thanks for sharing! Was so hoping for a Mini in caviar