Chanel spring/summer 2009 - pics!

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  1. Hey lovely TPF ladies,

    My wonderful SA from the Chanel boutique in San Francisco, Jennifer, sent me a few pages of must haves for the upcoming season!

    Anyone know if the Timeless caviar red is different from the Timeless lambskin red? Looks a bit different to me.

    Anyway, happy browsing, I see a few bags I have my eye on already! Call her if you want to reserve anything, she mentioned that there were limited colors and quantities. PM me if you want me to send you the giant files she sent to me. :biggrin:

  2. Thanks for the post of tempting.:Push:
  3. I see rounded hardware for the classic flaps....rrgh...hate that....I wonder how the Surpique bags will looks in real life..oooh, and the grey caviar flap!!
  4. Thanks for sharing the pics. Does the valentine flap come in blue?
  5. i believe so, i'm not sure if my boutique ordered the blue though. you can always give them a call to ask. :smile:
  6. Yay! There are prices on several of the bags! Thank you so much for posting these pics! As if I needed more temptation. LOL! :P
  7. Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing!
  8. Good to know the prices!:heart: thanks a lot for sharing!!
  9. thank you so much!
  10. welcome! thought the prices would be helpful! i wish she sent me the shoes/jewelry one with prices. i requested that, so we'll see if she sends that over. I just found the other summer/spring 09 thread, but no prices on that one at all. :sad:
  11. thank you for sharing :smile:

    oh gawd look at all that rrrrred :faint:
  12. Thanks for the info. So there is more confusion now on the Surpique line - as this indicates that the US stores will be getting them!
  13. Thanks for sharing!!
  14. Oh my!!! so many new goodies to drool over!!! :drool:
  15. Thanks so much for sharing!!! I couldn't help noticing that all except 1 bag is now over 2k!!! My CC is not liking that LOL!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.