Chanel Spring Summer 2008 cardigan with charms and brooches...

  1. This is what I ended bringing home with me from the NM trunkshow-one of the few pieces that were from the trunkshow available to buy :tup:

    It comes in light blue as well which was very pretty too but NM across the country ordered very few of the blues--Saks ordered only the blue ones I think

    Here are the color codes:

    grey (mine) A32770
    light baby blue (has slightly different charms/brooches and more pink in the designs) A32745

    Its just sooooo cool that the brooch/charms can come off and be worn on other items!! :heart:

    Without further adieu...






    Thanks for letting me share!!

    If anyone wants my SAs info at Saks and NM for this let me know :love:
  2. cool! its so fun!
  3. Oh i love it! The brooches are gorgeous, i just LOVE it! CONGRATS! :biggrin:
  4. Cute!
  5. Love those!
  6. Adorable!! I just love charms......modelling pic?
  7. Sweet! Any pics of you modeling?
  8. cool, cutie charms and brooches! congrats!
  9. I am imagining all the possibilities! It is soooo gorgeous! Congratulations!
  10. love it! any modeling pics?
  11. Oh how fun!! Modeling pics? hehe
  12. [​IMG]





    That's a lovely cardigan...i love the charms, so cute:drool::drool:

  13. That is seriously cute! I love the perfume bottle looking like it's coming out of the pocket, very cute.
  14. very cute!
  15. cute!