Chanel Spring Summer 2006

  1. Anyone watch the show for it? I watched it on ModTV and woah, talk about beauty!! :love:. i loved the finale with the computer, haha, so cool. i just didnt like the quilt hobo bag, looked oponions? :smile:
  2. Didn't see this! What happened with the computer?
  3. There was this huge computer that with a huge screen, the models were on the computers keyboard and at the end they walked off it. I believe Karl said that fashions getting updated or something like that. If you have iTunes download ModTV its a podcast, gives you the latest runway shows etc. I loved this fashion show. :biggrin: :yes:
  4. Thanks!
  5. thanks travis2006!! now i have something to watch LOL
  6. Thanks for posting the link, I just watched it...
  7. If you guys have iTunes look up MODtv and subscribe to it, its totally free! :smile:
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