Chanel - Spring/Summer 06

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  1. Ok, I've got a moratorium on new purses going... BUT I can still look. Anyways, the closest "real" Chanel boutique for me is over an hour away and no one answers at NM's boutique. So I'm hoping someone here can help.

    For Spring/Summer 2006, Chanel has what they're describing as a "lambskin totebag with contrasted stitching." It sorta looks like a slouchy bucket bag with a drawstring... Their website is a flash, so I can't attach a photo. If you go to the website, it's the 3rd purse featured in beige under S/S 06...

    Has anyone seen this bag in person? I called Chanel and the SA wasn't very helpful. All she could tell me is that it came in a bunch of colors--beige, white, yellow, orange and that there are two sizes--small and large. She couldn't estimate how big the large was. The bag was about $1800... If you've seen this in person, I'd love to get your input. Is it attractive? Does it just look like a boring slouchy hobo with a chain strap? Thanks!
  2. I didn't see that at the Chanel boutique @ Neiman's but I LOVE that!
  3. Oh someone has that and posted pictures a week ago. Check the threads. Wait...I think I found it. Page 6 posted by new Chanel
  4. Hey Wicked!

    Is this the bag you're talking about?

  5. Thanks Pnay71! I really like how that bag looks. Totally rethinking my Burberry now. That bag is really cute! I'll have to PM Moe and ask her about the dimensions.
  6. YES! Moe apparently has a thread on hers... Hers is black. I'm curious if the bag is attractive in person...
  7. Ohhh I wish I tried that bag when I was in Chanel store at NM last weekend but I didn't. They have black and ooh what is that color called? It's like salmon or redish pink something like that. I wasn't in there for that bag so I didn't really pay attention too much to it. But it's a very nice bag in fact the SA pointed it out to me but then it looks really big and I thought it might be too large for me. Maybe it was the large one the one I saw.
  8. I thought of the same thing. I didn't like the black but the brown look nice though.
  9. Just curious Sweetea, what do you think is "large"? Have you seen a MJ Blake or a Fendi Spy or a Speedy 30? Did it seem bigger than those? I like "larger" bags, but I don't like ones that pouf out from you so far that you bump into people--you know?
  10. I tried that bag in navy and black last weekend at the Chanel store in SF. I was immediately drawn to it, but felt it was too large, fat, and bucket-like when I slung it over my shoulder. I expected it to slouch down a bit, but even with all the tissue stuffing removed, it retained it's bucket shape. It's definitely attractive (really, really cute!), but it felt blobbish when hanging. I find that my small MJ multi-pocket (you have this bag, right?) feels "fat" and this felt even wider. If memory serves me, I'd say the bag is at least double the width of the small multi-pocket and maybe four or five inches taller. If you don't mind a chubby bag, this is a cutie--especially in the navy which is so pretty.
  11. Thanks Valerie! You probably saved me a long drive this long weekend up to the Chanel store. I was debating returning my Burberry Prorsum for the Chanel since it's all leather. But I know lambskin is supposedly delicate...

    The blobbish description doesn't have me as interested in the purse. I don't feel like I have to RUN up there to look at it. And yes, great memory--I do have the small MJ multi-pocket and I know EXACTLY what you mean about it feeling "fat." Chubby is not good... Will make me look chubby too!
  12. Thanks for answering valerieb! You took the words out of my mouth. :biggrin:
  13. the beige or brown does not look like that color its almost nude very very light beige in person this picture must have dark lighting. i wanted the beige at first then when i got to chanel it was definately the black i love it. so soft so beautiful.such a classic.
    when you get a bag with such soft leather i don't think you want light colors as it will stain and you cannot clean it.
  14. Glad I could help. When I saw the bag I was smitten, but as soon as I tried it, it was easy to walk away. I immediately thought of the multi-pocket, which took some getting used to. No more chubby bags for me!
  15. wickedassin i don't have a measuring tape with me so i can't ive you the dimensions but i'm 5'10 so i only carry big bags its bigger than the LV 30 speedy i think its similar size to the balenciga day bag