Chanel: Spring Bag 2006

  1. [​IMG] (Chanel Spring 2006 )

    I normally love everything created by this god send of a label , But I'm not to keen on this bag. How about you ?
  2. Its a "fun" bag..but no..I would not buy it
  3. Nah, not my style
  4. It's not horrible IRL but not really my taste.
  5. Not feeling it.
  6. nay
  7. love it
  8. l like it..somethings diffrent...
  9. I think it too much going on.......
  10. I don't care for that bag either. I looks too cartoonish IMO. I also don't think denim and Chanel is a good mix. It is denim, right? Oh, well, different strokes, huh?
  11. I too think it's fun, but would never pay Chanel prices for it.
  12. I saw a bigger version of it IRL and LOVED it!!!:love:
  13. hi evreyone im new to the site so i would just like to say hello:yes:
  14. I love the pic, but would need to see it in person before i purchased it.
  15. Hello Peplady - And Welcome.... You'll have a lot of fun here