Chanel Spring 2013 Info

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  1. Hi Ladies, hope you're ready to get a sneak peek into Spring already!
    Received this fist from Hirschleifers earlier today, it is for 13P Act I. They are introducing some interesting leather options (shiny lambskin, faded lambskin?)
    Let the speculation begin! :biggrin:

    Chanel Handbags Spring Act 1 2013

    Up In The Air
    Perforated calfskin for summer tweed effect with a convenient inside zip compartment with silver hardware
    $2700 – classic flap in black, dark blue and red 6.x11.6x2.3
    $3100 – north South tote in black, dark blue and green 13x14x6.8
    $3200 – north south tote with top handles in ivory and black 11x13x6.5
    Tie and Dye
    Innovative play on colors on a shaded matte calfskin with silver hw
    $3100 – large flap in white and black 6.7x12.6x3.1
    $3700- north south tote with top handles in white and black and white and pink 13.4x17x5.1
    $5300 –227 - faded lambskin with silver hw in silver 12.5x3.5x8
    $5300 –227 –grained suede with aged ruth in black 12.5x3.5x8
    $4900- 226 – grained suede with aged ruthenium hw in light green and blue denim 11x3.3x6.7
    Coco Cache
    $2800-medium calf flap over with silver hw and double shoulder strap – no dimensions
    Chanel Boy Quilted
    New denim version for a more casual style
    $2700 – small flap over in blue denim with silver hw 4.7x8x2.8
    $4400 – large flap in shiny calfskin with antique gold hw in navy blue 8.3x11.6x3.9

    Country Chic
    Iridescent leather cross body and shoulder bags with antique gold hardware
    $3100 – cross body hobo flap in black and in beige 9.8x15.2x3
    $2700 – cross body flap in dark green and in black 5.5x10.2x3.5
    $3800 – top handle tote in black and in beige 8.7x13.8x6
    New suede for a soft touch with silver hardware in natural tones in a spring palette
    $1900 – mini flap bag in suede black, light brown and blue denim 5.5x9.x2
    $2100 – mini flap bag in embroidered calfskin in black 5.5x9.5x2
    $3300 – large shopping bag in black embroidered calfskin 9x12.6x6
    $3000 - large shopping bag in black suede 9x12.6x6
    Coco Pleats
    New crumpled grained calfskin for an edgy effect with antique gold hardware
    $3800 – east west medium flap in black, brown, and navy blue 8.3x13.4x5
    $3800 – large tote in black, navy blue, khaki 11.5x15.8x5.1
    $4100 – cross body flap in black 9.5x16x6
    3 color matte sequins embroidered all over the bag
    $3500 – medium flap in dark grey/bronze and dark grey/taupe/burgundy 6.7x9.8x2.6
    Sparkle Beauty
    2 new patterns for strass embroideries with vertical stripes
    $3600 - mini flap in dark grey and in silver multicolored 4.7x7.9x2.8
    Love Me Tender
    Lightweight ultra-smooth calfskin with silver hardware
    $3900 – large tote in black and in blue denim 10.2x15x7
    $3800 – medium flap in black and in blue denim 8.9x12.6x6
    Sport chic styled handbags in a grained baby-calfskin with silver hardware
    $3100 – large camera bag in black and light brown 8.7x12.6x4.7
    $3400 – tote in black, petrol blue, light brown 12.6x15.7x5
    $2800 – small camera bag in black and red 6.7x10.6x4.3
    Lady Gala
    Framed clutch in shiny lambskin with silver hw
    $3200 – in black and in pink 5.5x9.8x2
    Camera cases in shiny lambskin with aged pale gold hardware
    $3800 – large camera case with flap in black and light brown 7.9x13x4.3
    $4000 – camera case in red and in black 7x11.2x3.5
    $4600 – small camera case with flap in black 9x14.5x5.5
    Thin City
    Embroidered calfskin with antique gold hardware
    $2500 – clutch in black and blue 6.3x10.2x1.4
    $4500 – tote in black and in dark khaki 10.6x14.2x4.3
    $1700- Camellia in lambskin with silver hw in cobalt
    $1500 – Timeless CC halfmoon in caviar with silver hw in black
  2. I also got this email. I want to see pics of the Coco Pleats navy bags with that gold hardware! Don't know what those bags look like. I guess Act II will have the classic flaps?
  3. I want to see that same combi in the embroidered calf clutch with gold hardware...sounds interesting!
    I guess the classics will be act 2.....I need that info now! Not interested in any cruise classics so far (maybe i'll change my mind when i see pics haha) as I'm not much of a patent lover
  4. Thanks or the intel Rania. Perforated are back. They are very creative this season.....lots of new stuff.
  5. Lots of interesting fabrication of leathers!!! Can't wait to see them rolling in. Thanks rania!:smile:
  6. Yeah, I'm avoiding the patent too, even tho' they have blue colors coming out
    :sad:. Can't wait for the classics, either.
  7. ITA...not a patent fan. Still have fingers crossed for a jewel-toned purple caviar.
  8. ITA, Purple and hot pink are the only colors i need in my collection :smile:
  9. Anytime bluekit! Dreaming of purple since your beautiful reveal
  10. Creative yes, but how do they price grained suede reissues like regular reissues. They really need to give me a few more classic colors i love and want in durable leather options!!
  11. Give us more sturdy old school caviar and lamb skin , thanks!:graucho:
  12. Rania1981 thanks for the update! I can't wait till we have a visual to go with it :smile:
  13. Thanks Rania for the info! When would Spring Act I items arrive at the stores, anyone? TIA!!
  14. Cheers to that!
  15. Agreed :tup:
    rania, thanks for the update :smile: