Chanel Spring 2008 Look Book

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  1. I heard from Peggy today and she has received almost 50 emails from tPF members for the lookbooks. While her original email did state to forward the email if you have a friend interested in designer handbags, it is going to be very labor intensive to reply to all requests in addition to servicing the in-store customers.

    Please try to be patient and not send duplicate requests to Peggy if she doesn't respond to your email right away.
    I know we want to help each other out, but often times it results in a lot of extra time and work for the s/a's we recommend on the forums. Perhaps the OP would be willing to help forward along the lookbooks as Jill offered to do. (I already deleted them since nothing interested me for the spring season, otherwise I would help too.)
  2. Hi, everyone... I have been sending her original e-mail with the Look Book attachments to all of you who've asked. :smile:
  3. I just emailed about another dozen of u the lookbooks...check your emails

    I have NOW emailed all of u that requested it!
  4. I got mine, thanks Jill!
  5. im not sure how to pm. help!
  6. Click on the user name and you will see a drop down menu where you can select PM. Since you are a new poster, you may need to get a few posts before you can send a PM.
  7. I can also help forward along - just shoot me a PM. :yes:
  8. thanks Jill!!!
  9. thanks jill, I got mine, really appreciate it.
  10. OK..I just emailed the rest of the ones I just got
  11. I'd love to help out too! PM me if anyone needs the Lookbook! ;)
  12. Jill, I just got your email and really enjoyed browsing the upcoming goodies. I really appreciate it... thanx a bunch!
  13. can i have a Look Book too?
    thanks !!!
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