chanel sport bag

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  1. i found a chanel sport on eBay pretty cheap....It looks authentic and seller ensures shes 100 percent authentic....i got it b/c it looked kinda nautical to was called a sport...but its red, purple, and kahki....
    Well see when it comes in.... Real?


  2. Congrats!!! I am sure you will be fine.
  3. I hope it's not fake! I got burned on a Cambon....It was a total fake it was hideous!!! I've read her feed back and no one has ever gotten a knockoff we shall see, if ships out today. I live really close to a chanel boutique think they could look at it and tell me....???
    I'll take more pics of it when i get it, it was shipped today!!!!
  4. It seems to be an authentic from the photo. Let's some experts authenticate it. This style of bag is from a very past collection.
  5. Ya...I just now looked at the pics of mine compared to the fake..the red on mine seems brighter, my bag doesnt look as big, on the fake the pocket stitching is a little higher and not as wide as the stiching on mine. I think mine my actually be real...YAY! I just recently got into chanel so I'm new to this. I was so upset when my cambon turned out to be fake, but I knew it was the minute i opened the box! LOL! The lining was red not hot pink...haha and the chanel prongs on the straps looked hot glued....
    I posted it on the other forum as well hopefully the experts can tell me? Do any of you guys know what year this bag is from I'm thinking late 80's possibly early 90's....I'm not sure.
  6. I think the bag came out a few years ago, but once your receive it and post a picture of the card or hologram sticker, the year will be easy to find out.