Chanel Special Store Ribbon & Camellias

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  1. Hello Chanel Fans!

    Has anyone else noticed different Camellias and Ribbon varied by Chanel store?

    I saw this camellia on a youtube reveal and then again on a makeup blog and both of those purchases were from the Chanel in Soho, NYC. (I copied the pics from the blogger)

    I've never seen this black and white camellia anywhere else (only the white ones and the sparkly ones for Christmas).

    If you notice, the ribbon is also black with white lettering and even says Soho on it. All of my ribbon is white with Chanel in black, no store name.

    It almost makes me want to go to NYC to shop in the Soho store!

    Do any other stores have special ribbon and Camellias specific to them?
  2. Here is a comparison of my and my friend's camellias and ribbons:

    Mine from Paris (and shinny ribbon!):



    Versus My friend's camellia from Nice, France (I found this pic online but hers is the same, and her ribbon was not shinny either):


    What do you guys think?

    I think I just found something else I want to collect!
  3. My soho purchase came with black ribbon saying soho on it too, but not with the cool black and white camelia, just the regular white one.
  4. I love the 2nd camellia! I've been seeing them more lately but I haven't gotten one yet.

  5. Cool that you got the black ribbon! Was that a recent purchase?
  6. It was the graffiti espadrilles, so in the last couple of months.

  7. I think I have gotten the special camelia before but I can't remember for what purchase. I'll have to go home and check, I buy a lot from the soho boutique so I wouldn't be surprised if it was from there

  8. Oh cool! Let me know if you go in there anytime soon and see if they still have them! I'm starting a collection :smile:
  9. I've gotten both ribbons and camellias before but never notice which store gives out which kind.
  10. The camellia I got from Heathrow was cloth like material as compared to smooth feeling camellia from Paris. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398009491.194833.jpg
  11. The cloth like Camellias and ribbon are sort of "off white" and are part of the "Icon" packaging for classics. Although a store might use the shiny ribbon and other white camellias on classics I suppose if they are out of the other.

    As for the "Soho" ribbon, do you know how old these pictures are? Soho had an anniversary a few years ago, perhaps they had special ribbons & camellias?
  12. I was told that the linen camellias and ribbons are given for classics only and the shiny ribbons and camellias are for purchases of other items. This is in Europe.

    However, all my purchases from my local boutique came with the linen camellias and ribbons. I have both and prefer the linen ones.
  13. +1

    And my recent purchases are all from dept store and the ribbons are made from different materials.


  14. Interesting!

    Both my friend and I purchased in Europe and both got WOCs but they were at different chanel boutiques in France (one in Paris, one in the French Riviera).
  15. I got the linen camellia for wallet and the shiny ribbons and camellias for all my purchases in Paris classic and other items.