Chanel Spa Timing

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  1. Hello, I know info was posted once on the topic but I cannot seem to find. Can someone please advise how accurate the time estimates are that one receives when dropping off a bag for cleaning? I want to have my bag cleaned and was given a 12 week time frame. It's a small two tone bag, I actually only need the beige half done, but of course, will have the entire bag cleaned. I need it in 9 weeks for a trip I will be taking and don't know if I should chance not having it returned, since I was quoted 12 weeks. Thanks!
  2. I personally never had a chanel spa experience since all of my bags are new, but if they said 12 weeks I would not risk it
  3. Thanks very much, I am thinking the same thing - my bag was new in '05 and I take very good care of it, but over the years the black lamb has suffered a few scuffs and the beige lamb could use a bit of cleaning.:smile:
  4. If you want it prior to the estimate, don't send it.