Chanel sold me a dented bag

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  1. It was the LAST jumbo caviar classic in GHW in store that I had put on hold for two days, and i was trying to get it before the price increase which I did.
    I had not properly and carefully inspected it because i was so excited, and so i just bought it.

    By the end of the night, i was admiring my bag and then I had noticed there is a dent/wrinkled groove near the hole where the chain comes out.
    Im so sad because as the price increase is coming, the classics are selling out so fast that I would have to wait for the next restock . If I were to pay the increase price, it would just defeat my purpose of buying the Chanel now lol.

    Im worried! Has anyone ever had difficulty with exchanging/refunding a bag sold to you in an imperfect condition at Chanel?

    Shouldn't their bags come with a price tag attached on the bag/chain?
    Mine did not.
  2. You should exchange the bag - that shouldn't be a problem... And I think it should be possible you'll get the new one for the old price that you paid for the defective bag...

    Regarding price tag attached or not: Here in Europe you don't get the price tag with you, while in the US you do... Don't know about other countries but it shouldn't bother you, as long as you have the receipt
  3. I am so sorry to hear that. I would expect that Chanel boutique/ store has already done the inspection before handing out the bag to a customer. :sad: but guess not. I don't think you would have problems exchanging it.

    Re price tag: We don't get the bags with tags on in Canada either (at least in Ontario)
  4. Oh no! I hope they correct it. When I brought my gst it came with no tags either.
  5. Sorry this happened hope you are able to find another one. As far as the tags go, I've received brand new bags that the SA removed tags and put in the pocket of bag inside. My latest boy purchase had the tag attached to the dust bag.
  6. I'm also facing a similar issue. I purchased a jumbo bag in Feb. through Sak's and when I received it, it had scuff marks inside the bag. I wasn't happy that it didn't arrive in perfect condition. So I mailed it back and have been on the waiting list since for a new bag. At that time there weren't rumors of price increase so I thought it would come in fairly soon and I didn't mind the wait. I still haven't heard anything back from the sa about when I'll get my bag. Worried about the price increase, I asked my sa and he said they aren't allowed to lock in prices or do a presale. He pretty much told me he will have to sell at whichever price the bag comes in at and he has no control of it. It wasn't very encouraging and I don't know if that's the general policy or not. Seems like even if we purchase or keep a bag in order to do an exchange, if the new bag comes in at a higher price then we have to pay the difference of the exchange according to him. The only way I can escape this price increase is if my bag comes in within the next 2 weeks. But it seems like none of the department stores have gotten new shipments of classics recently(not sure about boutiques).

    Perhaps you can speak with the sa that sold you the bag and see if you can do an even exchange for a new bag and not have to pay a difference if it comes in after the price increase.
    Hopefully you will get a more positive answer! Good luck and let me know what your sa says, I'm curious to see if this is generally the way it works or there are alternatives.
  7. You should return or exchange your bag as soon as possible. I exchanged my 12A red m/l flap 3 time for prefect condition. I was very upset, but glad my SA finally got me the prefect 12A flap.
  8. Im sure you can return and exchange under the old price. Just try and see what the SA have to say. Good luck
  9. I would exchange not return bc they can't lock in price.
  10. Not sure about pricing policy but all my Chanel bags shipped from Saks always had the price tag either attached outside, or in one of the slots inside the bags.

    Do you have pictures of the dent?
  11. Oh right, I just confirmed that they don't put price tags on Chanel bags in Ontario. None of my friends bags had any. thank you!
  12. thank you so much.
  13. yes I'm planning to asap! wow 3 times! must have been so disappointing but I'm glad you got a perfect one. I don't think ill have trouble getting a brand new one since they are a classic restock. hopefully.. *fingers crossed.*
    thank you!
  14. I called the boutique this morning, and the SA who sold it to me is off today so Im going to call her again tomorrow.
    I asked the person on the phone about being able to exchange the bag once more Classic jumbo caviar black with ghw comes in (because I bought the last one and they're all sold out at other locations) and she said she doesnt think my SA would mind putting aside a new one for me once they come in, which should be about end of the week. Im going to call her back tomorrow to confirm though but i do feel better hearing that.

    I also asked if i would have the pay the difference IF by any chance the price increases before I do my exchange and she said no, it would be a straight exchange.
    However the store credit/ exchange policy in Toronto is 14 days so any thing past that, they can't do anything for me.

    Maybe try talking to a different SA , i don't know Sak's policy ( we don't have any Saks yet) but since you are doing an exchange, it should be okay if the bags come in within the time frame of your policy.

  15. thank you for your support ladies!