Chanel SoHo (Spring Street) Contact

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  1. Does anyone have an email contact / name of a SA in the SoHo store?

    The reason I am asking it's because I dropped off a bag at Chanel's SoHo boutique for repair beginning of July. I have not heard back from them so want to call them up and get a status of the repair. But every time I call and press 3 to accessories, I get directed back to the main menu. I left them a message about 2 weeks ago but nobody called me back. I also tried calling Chanel's 1-800 number but it says it's not assigned...

    FYI, I am from Canada, maybe that's why the 1-800 number is not working? :confused1:

    Here are the numbers I tried:
    SoHo: (212) 334-0055
    Chanel's 1-800 Number: 1-800-550-0005

  2. i was at chanel soho today and told them the number is on loop and doesnt work. i dropped a bag for spa service but she said that is the only number to call. sorry wish i could be more help!
  3. Thanks so much rania for mentioning mu problem to them! My husband actually got through to one of the SA for me and they told him that once they send the bag for repair, they can't track when it will come back ... which sound very strange to me. She did also say that it takes longer to repair a vintage bag... He then got transferred to another SA but no one picked up. Oh well, I have the receipt, I guess I will just have to be patient! Thanks again :smile:
  4. Yes they took 8 weeks for my gst. I dropped off another bag yesterday and they said 8-10 weeks for total refurbishment. The gst came back with a tag from "leather surgeons" so maybe someone should find where they are so we can send bags directly to them!
  5. Great information! They have a website but it says that they are not currently accepting new clients. I guess just Chanel alone keeps them busy!
  6. Even if you get through to an SA they will tell you ... If its fixed and at the boutique we will call you.
  7. that's good to know, thanks! There are tons of bag repair shops all over ny but i'd much rather give it to chanel and have them fix my bags since i'm very happy with the work on my gst:smile: