Chanel So Black Medium preloved price?

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  1. so my husband bought me a present,
    A Chanel So Black Chevron in medium. Though I'm over the moon I wonder what is the preloved price for it since he won't tell me.
    It's preloved, complete set without receipt and used...once. Which I can believe coz it looks brand new, smells brand new. But how much would one pay for it?

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  2. omg, the fact that your husband even found a so black chevron quilted is amazing!! way to go hubby!! they are going for over retail bc they were sold out everywhere. i don't even remember what season this one is from, but it's gorgeous!! just enjoy it :smile:
  3. Isn't it gorgeous? He knows I have an obsession with black handbags.
    it is over retail? Woah nelly. Now I owe him a huge bday present. Hahaha.
    It's from 2015. Initially purchased from HongKong.
    Thank you. I just don't want him to overpay.
  4. Yep! Would have been for over retail price!
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  5. I can't tell you about price but I have to say she's a beauty!!!! Absolutely love it, good job to your hubby!
  6. I purchased So BLACK Chevron Jumbo retail in 2015 and it was $5600.....I LOVE MINE!!

    Enjoy her! It is my HG Chanel!
  7. Thank you.
    Husbands don't always get it right, especially when it comes to handbags but when they do, it's perfect. :rolleyes:
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  8. I love mine too!!!
  9. Theres one on fashionphile right now.. have a look! I have it in the jumbo and Ive worn it once lol, it's just too nice and the lambskin always scares me, but I should just wear the bag, we only live once!!
  10. Im the same! I have so many bags that only gets worn once or twice because I'm so scared to wreck them. Especially the lambskins. Specifically got told by my hubs to wear this one tho and not keep it in the box forever. I'll think about it.
  11. Gorgeous!! Hubby did a great job!!
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  12. Gorgeous!! A week ago I had an opportunity to buy a jumbo version of this at retail price in pretty much new condition. But I didn't act for the same reason I didn't when it first came out: it felt too close to the so black quilted I sold. But I really loved the chevron. I ended up getting the so black chevron reissue which I'm really happy with.

    So happy for you!