Chanel snowglobe X-Mas gift 2017. But alas, Chanel told me I won't get one.

  1. Hi all,

    For a few years, I have been dreaming about a Chanel snowglobe. In the years that I bought several things at Chanel, I sometimes hoped that Chanel would might send me one, even if it was just once. Never happened so far. They make me smile by just looking at them. I always loved all the snowglobe pictures here on the forum :heart:.
    More than once I considered to buy one second hand, but I was afraid to end up with a fake. So I decided against that option, hoping that I might would be able to get one from Chanel one day.

    I was planning to do some Christmas shopping at Chanel this year, so I decided to try my luck and message their online customer service in advance to inquire about the purchases I would like to make and this year's snowglobe. Told them that I dreamed about a Chanel snowglobe for a long time and that I would love to know how to get one. That I knew customers sometimes get them as a gift, or as a gift with some purchases, but that I also wouldn't mind to buy one from Chanel instead.
    Chanel replied quickly, informing me that my question was forwarded to the right department.
    But I received a reply from Chanel....thanking me for my interest in Chanel, but that they weren't able to fulfill my wish. Telling me that this year's snowglobe was only available as a gift to selected customers and that I wasn't one of them unfortunately :sad:.

    Of course I completely understand they can't send a snowglobe to every customer, but I can't deny I was kind of disappointed. I bought many Chanel items over the years, but that probably doesn't qualify enough. I don't have a specific SA I work with though (I used to have two, but they both have left the company), so maybe that has also something to do with it. Or maybe you have to spend a certain amount a year to get one - I don't know....I only know how I would appreciate a Chanel snowglobe, but Chanel made it clear that this is not going to happen for me this year :blah:.
    So to the VIP Chanel customers here, you'll probably receive a Chanel snowglobe by the end of the year :smile:.
    I wonder how this year's snowglobe will look.
    Feel free to post it in this thread if you receive it. Of course older pics of Chanel snowglobes are also welcome.
    How did you get your snowglobe? Did Chanel sent it to you or did you receive it with your purchases? Feel free to share your snowglobe stories and pictures in this thread ;).

    As for me, I was really hoping for a Chanel snowglobe this year but alas...
    I wish Chanel had also snowglobes for sale during the holiday season, so that I at least could buy one. Would make things a lot easier :angel:.

    Anyway, thank you for reading and wishing everyone a fantastic holiday season with all the best :heart:!
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  2. Hi **Chanel**,

    I totally feel you, I guess it's every Chanel lovers' dream to own a Chanel snowglobe, even if it's just one.

    I am not sure where you are located but it seems like this year's snowglobe is a super mini one that's meant for hanging on the Christmas tree. If you have an Instagram account, you can search for Chanel snowglobe for the picture.

    In my country, the snowglobes are given to those VVIPs who spend huge amount at the boutiques regularly. However, when we make purchases at the cosmetics boutiques, upon hitting a certain amount of spending in a year, most likely we will be entitled to one. I received them as my appreciation gifts (for my purchases made yearly).

    This year, surprisingly, we are able to own one by spending a certain amount on cosmetics products (1 time purchase). I think this actually allows Chanel lovers to at least own a mini snowglobe. You might want to try to enquire at the cosmetics counters in your country if it's available.

    For me, personally i am quite disappointed with this year's snowglobe. It's really tiny which is palm sized... still prefer the previous snowglobes given.

    I am not sure if it helps but maybe you can try to purchase from just 1 specific boutique next year.

    Hope that you will be able to own one soon. Good luck and happy holidays!
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  3. Hi LVtoChanel,

    I know, right? It's really a dream for me which might sound a bit silly to some, but their snowglobes just make me smile :smile:.

    I don't have Instagram (yet), but the super mini one must be very cute, I think.

    As for the cosmetics, I especially buy their perfume and some cosmetics on regular base, but never had any luck so far. I usually buy them from the department stores here though, so maybe that has something to do with it?
    We also have the opportunity to buy cosmetics from the Chanel website here, maybe I should try that instead next time. I think I am going to message their customer service again to enquire, as I am not even sure if they offer this at the cosmetic counters here in Europe. But if they do, I'll only buy cosmetics from the Chanel website from now on, in the hope that I'll get lucky one day. And if that day ever comes, I promise to post a picture in this thread :tup:.

    I am not a huge spender at the regular Chanel boutiques, so I guess the cosmetic counter will be my only chance :angel:. Or, if they would finally start selling them, but I don't think they will lol.

    Sorry to hear you are disappointed with this year's snowglobe. I think I would be happy with any Chanel snowglobe myself, even if it would be tiny :P. I agree that the bigger ones are probably more beautiful, but at this point I would be soooo happy with just one - big or tiny.

    Happy holidays to you too, hope your Christmas tree will have some nice Chanel presents under it :heart:.
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  4. Wow I adore your love for the snow globe :smile: makes me feel a bit bad for my initial reaction to receiving mine last year :P

    I was clueless! My boutique SA, SM, and SD were all so giddy and excited for me and were so excited when they gave me the snow globe for Christmas so I realized it must be sort of a little big deal (but clueless). That’s before I opened it too. They are the sweetest and most competent team (I say the same with or without snow globe :lol: )

    I now put it in my closet on top of the cabinet so I can always see it along with some pretty/cute things that cheer me up :smile:

    I really don’t know what the criteria is and I’ve been a customer with same boutique SA mostly for the 1.5 year at that point in time but to be honest my addiction is deep... so....

    I included some photos of my snow globe as per your request. Also included link to the reveal post where this snow globe made its appearance. The reveal thread that well, documented my purchase from that December which “might” provide some perspective on my addiction (note: the rest of year was bad but I assure you nothing that crazy)

    I have to say, remembering that thread brings back fun times :lol: my DH did not have fun paying the bills from that month hahaha!!!

    Here are the photos of the snow globe taken from that thread. I really hope you receive a snow globe yourself soon!!!!!

    It’s always great when these beautiful items arrive to a owner that really love and appreciate them :flowers:

    EC3D9DC3-04FF-4661-977D-1BAEC152AC66.jpeg 90B01098-8085-45EA-A243-528C2124245E.jpeg 5A982978-F9EC-444B-A6B1-57D6CC8542EF.jpeg 767CC337-3676-4295-A4C7-468E72168324.jpeg
  5. Hi **Chanel**,

    I get what you mean as each time I look at my snowglobes, I feel happy too.

    To be fair, the mini one is really cute. Just that when put together with the bigger snowglobes, it pales in comparison. There's a pic of the mini snowglobe in the November purchases thread that Shan29 shared. You might like to take a look.

    It is a good idea to check with Chanel customer service again. I believe that your purchases made at department stores aren't taken into consideration to be eligible for any gifts from Chanel. I have been to the department stores in Europe (not cosmetics boutiques) and feel that it's just like a small counter there. (Sorry to say that, hope I didn't offend anyone) It's very different from my country. We hv SAs to serve us and record our purchases at department stores and boutiques. So this might be the reason. No one records your purchases so Chanel can't keep track of your spending..

    I will try to post a pic soon.. Always forget how to do it Will need to figure it out again.

    Keep us posted and I believe everyone here will share your joy when you get 1 soon.
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  6. So I was thinking about how awesome it would be if you get one from chanel but to others point maybe they didn’t track your purchases due to the way the stores are there. You did mention you would not mind buying it if they sell them. Now I do personally get concerned over fakes as one should always be careful of nowadays. That said they do pop up on websites once in a while especially around holidays! If you research this forum (do keyword search snow in the chanel forum Only) you can maybe see photos of the ones from years past and study their details and then if you see one and inspect carefully details you perhaps can find one you like and can get it? :smile:
    I just now really want you to have one!!!
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  7. Wowwww, Vanana.....thank you sooo much for sharing :nuts::loveeyes:! I just went to look at your reveal and my goodness....that was a fabulous Chanel shopping spree :tup:! So many beautiful purchases, I don't think I've seen that stunning snake brooch before:love:. And your snowglobe...just wow....your pictures really put a huge smile on my face, so thank you for that :heart:. I also love how you displayed it beautiful in all your fabulous pictures.

    My love for a Chanel snow globe goes back in time and also has something to do with sentimental reasons. One of these reasons for short, loved ones that I've lost, who had a connection with a Chanel and a love for snowy landscapes. Every time I see a Chanel snowglobe, it brings back the happy memories. Hence one of the reasons that it makes me smile every time I see one.
    There are more reasons, but I better don't write a book here :P . But yes, my love for a Chanel snow globe is deep and I truly hope I'll get lucky one day :angel:. For me, it would be a forever piece with sentimental value.

    I hope you'll enjoy yours and thank you so much once again for sharing your pictures. It seriously put a smile on my face and I love that you put it in your closet on top of the cabinet so that you can always see it. I think it really is a special piece :flowers:.

    Aw, that's so sweet of you :hugs:!
    I think you are right....I made all my cosmetic Chanel purchases at department stores, but another PF member told me that these don't count because Chanel doesn't track these.
    However, I decided to message their online customer service again, to find out if they also give out snowglobes to customers who spend a certain amount at cosmetics on their website, and if so, if they could share the criteria to get one with me if they wouldn't mind. I only hope they won't see me as a desperate PITA Chanel customer haha.
    I doubt if I will ever get one from the regular boutique, because I am not one of their biggest spenders and that is probably not going to change, unless I would win the lottery :P.
    I do have some custom jewelry and bags on my wishlist, but I am not looking for any of their clothes atm because my weight fluctuates a lot lately. The good thing is, that a bag, shoes or custom jewelry will always fit, even if one gains or loses some weight :graucho:.
    I also once messaged their customer service when Chanel used some snowglobes as decoration in their windows. I asked if it was possible to buy/get one after the holiday season would be over, but once again I received a 'no'. I once expressed my interest in a Chanel snowglobe while doing some Chanel shopping. The SA didn't seem to care, because she only replied that they never have snowglobes.
    Getting a Hermès Birkin is easier than getting a Chanel snowglobe :lol:.

    I seriously have been thinking to buy one second hand, but even if I study the details, I am still afraid to end up with a good fake or something. Because where I am located, there are so many pre-owned Chanel snowglobes for sale, but I am sure most of them are not even authentic. I also don't know of any authenticate service that is an expert with Chanel snowglobes, because it is probably not an usual request ro authenticate a Chanel snowglobe :biggrin:.
    I think I once saw a red one with light in it. No idea from which season that was, but it was really, really nice. I think it was a large one and at that time I had a feeling that one was actually authentic. But before I could do more research, it sold :P.

    Anyway, I keep hoping to own one some day and if I do, I promise to post lots of pictures of it.
    In the meantime, I will do a search on the forum and enjoy all the beautiful snowglobes on the Chanel forum :heart:.
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  8. Hi LVtoChanel,

    I am going to have a look at the November purchases thread, because now I am really curious :nuts:.
    It sounds like you have an amazing snowglobe collection :heart:.

    And no worries, you are right - the departments stores do have a small counter here, I agree.
    But your advise was very helpful, because I will try to do all my cosmetic Chanel purchases only at Chanel cosmetic boutiques or on their online webshop from now on. Who knows...maybe it helps. I already messaged their customer sevice again, to inquire if they also give snowglobes to customers who buy for a certain amount cosmetics from their website or cosmetic boutiques. And if so, if they would mind to share the requirements to get a snowglobe. Waiting for their reply now :angel:.

    Btw, if I am on my laptop and want to share pictures, I go to the 'upload a file button' on the right corner. If I click on it, it brings me to the albums on my laptop so that I can select a picture, click on it, and upload it as attachment or tumbnail :smile:.

    I will definitely keep you guys posted and if the day ever comes that I am lucky enough to have one, I'll post many pictures of it, promised :flowers:!
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  9. Hi **Chanel**,

    Thanks for showing me the method of uploading pics. I'll try to take some pics and upload them as soon as I can. Just for you, my dear! Really wish to give you a hug after reading all your posts.

    Right now, I can only think of this method whereby you can own an authentic Chanel mini snowglobe. I am in Singapore and the Chanel cosmetics counters and boutiques are giving out the mini snowglobe with SGD$800 (approx €500+-) purchases. Is there any possibility that you or someone you know might hv plans to come over to Singapore soon? I can ask my Beaute SA to reserve 1 till you can make the purchases here.

    Let me know if this can work and I really really wish that you can own one very soon.
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  10. I found this treath interesting....I never knew that the snowglobes were special. But now I do thanks to this treath.
    Last week I got the mini glob from my SA at an event. I dont buy that much as often but I do keep in touch with my SA. She’s the sweetest person.
    So she gave me one and I thought ‘cute’. But didnt give it much thought. But now I know I should treasure it

    These are pictures to give you an idea what the mini looks like....
    I really hope for you that you get one this year, one way or the other

    IMG_1513377874.062711.jpg IMG_1513377890.462300.jpg
  11. Hi **Chanel**,

    Sharing my snowglobe collection here... IMG_1513416604.836880.jpg

    Love all of them
  12. Since we are on the Chanel Christmas gift topic, I thought I will just share the gift for this year..

    A scented candle set from Chanel Beaute. Lovely but I still prefer receiving snowglobes instead...

    I got my mini snowglobe by making the $800 cosmetics purchase. My spending was above the mini globe tier (we have different gifts for different amount spent) so I wasn't entitled to receive the mini snowglobe.

  13. Those candles are FABULOUS! Thank you for sharing :smile:
  14. Thank you and you're welcome
  15. Hi dear,

    You are welcome and thank you so much for sharing your pictures :heart:! You have a fabulous snow globe collection and it's actually the very first time I've seen a snow globe with pink liquid, no idea they made one with pink liquid too :tup:.
    I also love the comparison picture, now I understand what you mean with the tiny snow globe because you can clearly see the difference in the picture with the bigger snow globes.
    I still think the tiny one is cute, although I totally love the regular size. That is what I have been dreaming about for a long time :love:.
    But the tiny one is obviously easier to get although I am still waiting for Chanel's reply to see if that offer also counts for Europe. Does the spending for cosmetics also counts when buying perfume?
    Also, how incredibly sweet of you to offer to ask your SA - thank you so much for that :hugs:. Unfortunately, I am in Europe and my friends and I have no plans for a trip to Singapore anytime soon, otherwise it would have been a perfect opportunity of course.
    But fingers crossed that this promotion is also valid in Europe. Anyone knows? I am still waiting for Chanel's reply but if I haven't heard back from them on Monday, I'll give them a call to inform.
    My absolute dream is one of the regular size snow globes, but since that won't happen anytime soon I think, a tiny snow globe would be cute as well.
    While I looked at your picture with all the snow globes, it made me smile again. I can't help it, every time I see pics of those regular snow globes, I feel my eyes start to twinkle and I start to smile :blush:.
    The scented candle set is lovely, does it smell nice?
    Thank you once again for sharing your pictures, I really enjoyed looking at them :flowers:!
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