Chanel Sneakers from October Elle

  1. I saw that they were $475 but anyone who has the magazine and saw the shoes have you seen them at the boutiques yet?

    If I can't find a pic online I'll scan a pic...
  2. I can't find the picture online, I'll scan a pic tomorrw... no one knows what I'm talking about lol?
  3. No, but I'm keep returning here waiting to see. :popcorn:
  4. Chanel_1.jpg


    Okay I finally scanned the pics... now has anyone seen these haha
  5. I like them. Hmm wonder what colors they come in?
  6. I don't know^ I love the pink though! I wonder if they're out yet or will be out......
  7. Thanks for the pics! If you want to know what colors they come in or when they'll be available, call the Chabel 800 number and tell them the Elle Oct. issue and they'll know.
  8. I might just have to do that :smile: