Chanel small wallet thoughts?

  1. Anyone who are using this wallet? Do you find it bulky and functional?
  2. Hello! I have this exact wallet. I have been using it for 3 months now and I have no regrets. Still looks new. It's sturdy, compact and very functional. I have mostly been using an MK tote for work and my old medium boy for weekends and this wallet goes into both bags. It's not bulky at all IMO compared to full-sized wallets I've been using before purchasing this wallet. Hope this helps! ;)
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  3. I have this compact wallet (from this year) in silver metallic & love it. I don't find it bulky in vast majority of all my bags but i do still use card holders if i use a mini bag & need extra room. I also just like to rotate my SLGs because it's fun:biggrin:;) Good luck deciding!
  4. I bought it last week and have been loving -it!

    Been using long wallets for awhile so downsizing was tough but necessary becos bags these days r getting smaller. But I don't exactly need that many things in my wallet. So it was a good decluttering exercise.
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  5. How does the inside look?
  6. Have and LOVE it! For me it's the best wallet for all I need and it fits into my small bags at the same time. That's why I only wear wallets like this.
  7. There’s a slightly smaller version of this wallet too which I’ve got on my hands on, I haven’t use it yet but ive been waiting for chanel to release less bulky wallets for a long time! (Most of the ones I’ve seen in my county are coin purses and I just can’t stand folding my notes)
  8. Have a similar one. Using daily for 2 years. Absolutely love it. Oops thread is from last Sept.
  9. IMG_0238.jpg IMG_0363.jpg IMG_0239.jpg

    Chanel have few options for small wallet, been wanting to purchase but was so undecisive untill now..

    Here are some picture comparison for different design.
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  10. I have this wallet and it’s great for smaller bags. I use it with my reissues.