Chanel Small Luxury Tote. YAY!

  1. ohhh congrats!! that's a cute purse!
  2. Kodi,

    That looks like a great bag, and it's ncie that it can go up on the shoulder too. I love the chain detail....congrats to you!!!
  3. congrats - good deal! =) i like the metallic blk color
  4. Congratulations! I'm only really starting to like the Luxury Ligne, a bit late I know :sad:
  5. that's one HOT bag Kodi!! post modelling pix when you get it!!!
  6. wow! nice deal. I'm just starting to love this ligne too.
  7. Does anyone know if the retail on this bag was actually 1795.00? just curious. she has sold several and wasn't sure if that was the actual tag. thanks!

  8. Kodi, that looks great on you! I remember how disappointed you were about the cambon bag not being a shoulder bag and I am glad you found one that is even better. It is a gorgeous bag!
  9. Great Choice, beautiful bag, congrats.
  10. Great bag!
  11. Congrats!!!!
  12. congrats! It's divine!!!
  13. Yes, retail was $1795. I had this bag and loved it. I hated to return it but it was a little to flat for my needs. Plus, I had my heart set on a bowler too. It's funny because I do regret that I returned it since I ended up downsizing my wallet. Congrats, on your new beauty!
  14. I thought the Luxury tote was $2225 or $2285? $1795 sounds low, especially when the medium bowler retailed for $2160.