Chanel small flap - crinkled flap?

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  1. Hi, I just bought this preloved, have you seen these in your bags?

    The quilts on the flap crinkles when open??


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  2. That’s normal, especially if the bag is not new. But, by stretching the bag out like that you could be making it worse.
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  3. That's normal because the leather gets stretched by opening and closing the flap?!
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  4. Thanks for reassuring.

    Is this also normal? The joining part in the middle of the chain?

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  5. Normal
  6. Thank you!
  7. you‘re welcome! Enjoy your bag, it looks great!
  8. I’ve noticed this happens on the shiny, smooth, less grained caviar. On the harder, rougher, grainier caviar it doesn’t seem to happen. Your bag looks beautiful.
  9. Both are perfectly normal. :smile: