Chanel small Coco Cabas Cruise collection - Nay or Yay?

  1. Hi there!

    I have a small coco cabas on hold for me from the cruise 07 collection...however I have not seen the actual product and was wondering whether anyone can give me some feedback? What is it like versus the original cabas with the CC logos? Since it is smaller, will it look less funky? How do you feel about the quilted bottom part of the bag? Since the bag is made from calfskin, will it still be a sloppy bag? Will the size be similar to Goyard medium bags?

    Any photos will be great!

    The catch is, I will not be able to see the actual product before purchase so any feedback would be much appreciated! :yes:

    Many thanks,

  2. Those pictures make the Cabas look so gorgeous!

    I didn't like the look of the distressed leather in black and so passed up my opportunity to purchase one. Since I would be stuffing my bag, it would look very big and puffy under my arm. I think the bag may look better if you do not intend to load it with too much stuff. You won't be able to easily throw it back behind your shoulder. I think it sits best under your arm, but if it's full, it will look swollen and billowy under your arm.

    However, having said that... I'm going to go back to the store and re-try it. Perhaps I wasn't in a purse shopping mood that day.
  3. they look realli cute in the pixz, but i've never seen it irl.
  4. Thank you all for your feedback.... it's a little crazy how difficult it is to get one (close second to Birkins!!??)... so I guess I simply cannot miss this opportunity! Yay! Can't wait to receive it! :yahoo:
  5. So you tried out the one in black and the leather is distressed?? Coz the khaki I saw at trunk show is a smooth leather
  6. So what is the smooth one like? Is it nice?
  7. I went back to the store to re-try the black Cruise Cabas and I think I will be passing it up. The leather isn't distressed, but that type of calfskin is still not my favourite. I think this bag looks better in any colour... other than black. Perhaps because the black looks grayish? It is a very casual bag. The white Cabas, on the other hand, are fabulous, but I don't carry white.

    Also, the SA thought I shouldn't even be trying to wear it over my shoulder. She thought it was a bag for holding. I thought it looked nice on my shoulder, but she didn't. :shrugs:

    It's definitely less "funky" looking and I love the added quilting on the bottom. It is kind of sloppy looking, but that is the charm of it!

    I can't tell you how much I WANT to love this new, smaller Cabas... I wish the Diagonal CC bag would get here, so I can move on already. :lol:
  8. Thanks Jayne... so you think the white looks much nicer than the black? Man its so hard to make a decision without having seen the two... decisions, decisions... Aghh... don't know which one to take???!!! :hysteric:

    Good luck with your search, I am sure something you love will come up soon!
  9. Only because the black is very casual looking and the leather does look a bit distressed, since it is a bit faded and not as true a black as the Lambskin or Caviar. It's not an issue with the coloured Cabas. But you may be looking for a very casual bag, so don't let me dissuade you!

    I think the original Vinyl bag was probably the best material for the Cabas because it is thinner and more fluid. It had a great slouchy look and the calfskin is a bit thicker and therefore makes a chunkier bag.

    But please remember, I am not a collector... I can't afford to be. I buy a couple of new bags a year that I intend to really, really use. I want to get my moneys worth... these bags are so expensive. So for me, a distressed looking bag is not high on my list. I have old, slouchy Bottegas that have developed that faded look all on their own. In fact, when I first saw the leather Cabas, I was immediately reminded of my old, huge Bottegas.
  10. Thanks Jayne, really appreciate your feedback!

    Nice... I am sure your worn in Bottegas are gorgeous!!!
  11. I agree. I like the white one more than the black; it looks very modern.
  12. ^ I agree that white is very modern yet cute, too bad I don't use white bag, I am scared that it will get dirty too easily. But I was debating between black and khaki, I have seen Khaki IRL and loved it but not black, seems like Khaki would be the best choice for me then!!
  13. I am dying to see the khaki -- even a photo!
  14. Oh you guys are making me think I want a white baby caba now:graucho: .
    Is it ok to use the white in the winter?

    I too cannot afford a lot of bags so do you think it is stupid of me to get the baby cabas when I already have the fall cabas in the black leather? I just love my black one so much that I think I would love the white one as well and that is just great news to hear that it is ment to be carried on your arm, b/c that is what i'm looking for in my next bag.