Chanel small classic flap owners (9 inch)

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  1. Hi everyone,
    It's been awhile since anyone posted in this forum but I've been dreaming of a small classic flap vintage with 24K gold plating in black caviar. I missed out on one in good condition and I found another but it wasn't in as good shape and the quilting on the flap is flat. I tried my best to clean her up but while cleaning noticed that she had been dyed previously and I'm now in a legal dispute with the store who sold it to get a refund. I paid about 2K USD and found she had been dyed and the consignment store tried to cover up the blemishes on the hardware with gold nail polish . I've been searching but can't find one. Should I suck it up and keep it? Or return it and wait for another? Here's some pics including a close up of the nail polish and the inside hardware has like dye or paint on it.
    IMG_2018.JPG IMG_2019.JPG IMG_2026.JPG
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    I understand your reluctance to return the bag given the good price. If you’re leaning towards keeping it, you should compromise with the store to see if they’ll pay for a professional restoration.

    Personally, I would return it. Putting the condition of the bag aside, the knowledge that the store covered up blemishes in an undisclosed and dubious manner (nail polish, really??), I would always wonder what else this store was hiding and it would leave me with a sour mindset. I would return it and keep looking for your perfect vintage flap. It’ll make it even more special when you find it.

    Never settle for less than you deserve.
  3. Have you looked at Amore vintage japan? They have a ton of small classic flaps with the gold plating
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  4. Definitely return. The store is super shady for not disclosing it had been previously dyed. Who knows what other things could’ve been “fixed” without being disclosed. I personally wouldn’t trust it and would rather get rid of it while it is still possible.
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  5. Hi MsCho, I’m sorry this happened to you and I agree with Tad and Kim that you should return it. Even though it’s a good bargain, 2k is still a lot of money. It’s one thing to know of the defects/actual condition beforehand and decide to buy it but totally another to only discover the problems after having being led to believe it was in a much better condition..

    I believe you deserve better and it will come along some day. Since you’ve searched for so long I think no harm just searching a while longer for one you’re truly happy with.

    On a side note, just wondering how come there isn’t a dedicated thread in the clubhouse for the Small CF.. I just got one and I love it so much. There’s a small problem w the chain (one of the link is twisted) but I’m hoping it will straighten itself w wear.

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  6. Thanks! I'll return it and keep searching for the perfect small flap.
  7. I haven't checked them but I'll check them out. Thanks!
  8. This is my almost 8 years old 14xxx..series Classic flap Small size, Lambskin silver HW :smile: I purchased this one in January 2011 from Chanel boutique. I wore this one a lots in 8 years and never babied it, but this quality has been just amazing and held so well until this day... I just used this one in this week again and took this pic quick...Thanks so much for letting me share here :heart: Have a wonderful week Chanel lovelies....:wave::winkiss:
    Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.33.55 AM.png
  9. Wow the lambskin looks great and the quilts are still puffy!! If I saw it on the street I wouldn’t think it is 8 years old! Congrats on this great quality bag I don’t think I’ll ever dare to buy lambskin but it’s so nice to just admire yours!
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  10. Thank you so much for your sweet compliment @tinkerella :wave:You're so kind lady :heart::hugs:
    From my experiences, older version lambskin flaps are tougher... I have some funny episodes on this lamb flap :smile: When I had lunch with this one, the lady who sat next seat gave me sweet compliment on this flap ( I remember she was wearing her nice LV bag and seemed a purse lover. ) The lady was so excited and came to look at this flap closely, then she accidentally knocked it down by her jacket to the floor from my chair - It was my fault I was hanging this flap casually on my chair's corner haha lol... :sweatdrop: She got so panic and quickly apologized to me repeatedly, but i wasn't upset at all and was calm and smiled at her and told her "Please no worries, it bumped several times already in years and it's tough baby more than it looks. ;) " That is so true, lamb flap from older version is much tougher than my newer version lamb flaps... ( M/L and Minis, Jumbo. ) ;)
  11. Wow your lambskin flap looks amazing! really so beautiful and just breathtaking.... :heart:

    How sweet of you! I love your episode :heart:
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  12. 8 years? What?! It looks so beautiful and puffy and shiny!

    Do you apply any conditioner to keep it that shiny?
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  13. Hi @lvbananas :wave: Thank you! :hugs:Sorry for my late response! No I don't put anything on this one but I always swipe it well by cloth each time after use. This small flap and my older flaps has sheen like this naturally. When I get some relaxed time I could possibly take some comparison pics with my other lambskin flaps like M/L or my recent lambskin minis.

    I remember there was so many threads here for leather conditioning names...Maybe you can search and check if you're interested? :smile: My SAs at boutique had some leather cleaning but sorry i forgot the name! :facepalm:
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  14. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, my friend @LuvhandbagsLV :heart::hugs:
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  15. Oops. Sorry for the delayed reply. I come in here once a while nowadays. Sure, pics are most welcome!

    My heart is with the small flap though. It’s beautiful!