Chanel small classic flap owners (9 inch)

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  1. I actually hated flap bags and the couple I tried ( not Chanel ) , I wound up selling. Then I bought the double flap and flipped over it! My DH couldn't believe it :smile:
  2. Lol. I hear a lot of good and bad when it comes to the double flap.. honestly, why is it there? What is it supposed to do besides take up space? I really want to venture out of the boy bags and get a CF, they're soo beautiful and timeless. But not sure if it's for me.
  3. i always figured it was a type of security, because there is no zipper. in a zipper bag - like the easy flap, you don't need that extra flap. it also gives the leather a way to hold the shape better; the single flaps (i have one of those) lose the shape faster because they don't have the additional support of the second flap.
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  4. That makes sense. I never thought of it that way . I guess I need to do my research on the classic flap. It was never on my radar until one of my fav you tubers did a video on hers. The exact one I want is a LE and it's selling for 6300+tax on ebay! Ouchhh. My limit is a lot less than that. Lol. Thanks for replying
  5. I have a classic small flap and I've been debating between exchanging it for m/l but like another poster said, the mod pics helped me feel better about my decisions.
  6. Could you please send some more modeling pics? I'm currently dabating whether to get the small ot the m/l TIA
  7. I got mine at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Bergdorf Goodman also had two of them last week.
  8. The Bergdorf in Beverly hills? Could you tell me what colors and what leather ? TIA 😊
  9. Bergdorf's is only in NYC (are you thinking about the Barney's?), and they had the black caviar with GHW. NM in BH had black caviar in GHW as of this past weekend!
  10. Oh yes I was referring to barneys. Thanks so much. I was so desperate trying to find my bag. I found him and I'm soo happy.
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  11. Small Black caviar classic flap in both ghw and shw are available at NM. $4700. PM me for SA contact if u r ready to buy now.
  12. I just bought my first chanel small black caviar in gha but it’s only because I couldnt find a rectangular mini in store, now I feel like want to sell the small classic and get a mini instead..
  13. 429E7549-ADF1-4E66-86AE-96CD6CB03456.jpeg Here’s my small flap i love it more than mini for it fits more (similar to medium) just an inch’s a mod shot of mine
  14. Hi, where did you find it? Thanks!
  15. I love the small flap! I know most people prefer the medium large because it holds more and isn’t much more in price, but for me it’s not about the size - i like the more square look of the small. IMG_9225.jpg Here is my vintage one on the back of a bathroom door at the Grand Palais in Paris!
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